This cold, gray winter morning I treated myself to breakfast from a pretty and well appointed tray while gathering ideas from some beautiful Southern design books. What a delight! This is the best way I know to banish the winter blues!

A cozy chair and ottoman in the family room was the right "nest" to roost for a couple of precious hours!I did not listen to the laundry screaming my name or watch the dust on the table as is danced in the sunlight. I even ignored the last of the Christmas decorations needing to be put away! Housework can wait... I needed a little mental vacation.

The large willow tray came from Luckett's. It was covered with a crisp white cotton napkin. The snowy color is the perfect background for the pretty blue and white china... with a powerful punch of bright pink. 

This china has quite a story. I have been waiting to show it to you. On a recent trip to South Hampton I visited The Elegant Setting, a beautiful shop filled with gorgeous upscale china. They were getting rid of much of their inventory to make room for new merchandise and had huge close-out sale. Now I LOVE a bargain!!!!!

I left the store with 2 bags full of exquisite prizes. Many dishes on the tray were from my bargain windfall. I am so excited to share them with you!

This Trayscape was inspired by bargain shopping!

Blue and white plates of different patterns and designs are stacked together. Blue and white mixes and plays so nicely together.

The bottom plate is a gorgeous, fine dish! It's delicate floral and vine border rims a softly ruffled edge. The illuminated lettering in the center is a true work of art. This is a most lovely plate.  

I don't know the pattern for they only say Gien ( a french porcelain company) on the back of the plates. Six of these beauties sell for $270.00... I got this plate for $5.00!

Sandwiched between all the blue and white plates is a creamy white Wedgewood dish (HomeGoods). It is the edges of these plates that make them so fetching.  Another steal at $3.00!

The top dish is a hand painted blue and white "canape" plate also by Gien. The pattern is Oiseau Blue. A cluster of brightly colored cherries is painted in the center. Six of these plates go for $195.00. Again, I got them for $5.00.  

Just to make this experience totally decadent, a warm berry turnover is a sinfully delicious guilty pleasure!

This bargain stack is topped off by a vintage Chinese inspired transferware bowl filled with luscious cherries.

The footed bowl came from a local antique dealer. I paid $3.00 for each... and got a set of 8. I just love the darling way it is set up on a ball pedestal. Don't let their delicate look fool you, they hold an ample portion!

Cherries were chosen, because they are one of my favorite fruits and they repeat the motif on the plates.

A soft boiled egg and torn toast is kept warm in a Gien bowl with a darling fruit laden lid.

It is a matching piece to the Gien Oiseau Blue canape plate. This little covered bowl sells for $100.00, I got it for $10.00. When not called into breakfast duty it holds kosher salt and sits next to my stove.

The coffee cup and saucer reflect the blue and white in the dishes. They are Carilion Blue from Royal Crown Derby, English Bone China. They have a billowy fluted edge that reminds of of fabric being gently ruffled by a breeze. They have a gorgeous feel in the hand.

This cup and saucer normally sells for $90.00 per cup and saucer, but I purchased it for $10.00. It was a pleasure to sip my morning coffee from this set!

A blue and white ginger jar, sans lid, holds the bright blooms. I love the POP the pink gives to the blue and white!

To continue the bargain theme, I could not resist these darling miniature white and deep pink carnations at the grocery store. A couple of stems of white phlox were also tucked in the bouquet.  They were in a "quick sale" bucket for $1.99.

Even at full price, I think minis are a real steal. They look so feminine  and sassy and last a VERY long, long time. Keep cuttting the stems and replacing the water for maxium life and beauty.

A bright and cheery deep pink napkin is folded to make a pocket for my antique silverware. Look for an upcoming tutorial for this easy peasy way to fold this napkin.

The pink matches the pink carnations perfectly, what happy serendipity! It also ties in the other touches of pretty pink color on this tray.

What am I reading? Two wonderful books by Savannah authors... Paula Deen's Savannah Style and Susan Mason's Silver Service. Both of these Treasures Of The South bring beauty and southern charm to their books!

These books may not have been a bargain price, but they are pricelessly filled with gorgeous images and sage, creative ideas!

It is now snowing buckets outside. I just might be snowbound for a day or two.  I think I could do this again tomorrow!

The Menu
Coffee with Vanilla Hazelnut Cream
Fresh Cherries
Soft Boiled Egg with Torn Buttered Wheat Toast Bits
Warm Berry Turnover
(Look for recipe on Facebook)

I am participating in Tablescape Thursday at Bethween Naps On The Porch. My sincere thanks to Susan for her lovely blog and her dedication to this wonderful weekly event!

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