We all have busy schedules... and cooking dinner is probably the last thing we want to think about! Especially at 5:00 pm!

A slow cooker can be a LIFESAVER at dinner time...

Make cooking dinner one less thing to take up your time and energy! Remember to use your best kitchen time saver... the slow cooker... also known as the crock pot!

Here, at StoneGable my slow cooker gets a workout weekly! As I am writing this my slow cooker is happily making stock from 2 chicken carcasses! It smells scrumptious!

Whenever I know that my day is hectic and it leaves me no time and energy to prepare a good meal I spend a little time on the early end of the day to get my meal going in the slow cooker!

Meals don't have to be boring or over cooked in your slow cooker! I have found a great slow cooker cookbook filled with upscale and richly flavored food! NOT YOUR MOTHER'S SLOW COOKER  COOKBOOK, by Beth Hensperger  is an ode to creative, delicious meals. She now has 5 fabulous cookbooks to help your slow cooker turn out the best dishes!!!! Amazon.com has great deals on these cookbooks!

Here are a couple of SG tips that will help you to utilize your slow cooker on those busy days in your life!

~ plan ahead... if you know you are going to have a long day plan ahead to make a slow cooker meal

~ have the ingredients of at least 2 go-to slow cooker meals on hand.  This gives you the option of throwing a meal in the slow cooker without a visit to the grocery store. A real time-saver!

~Prepare dinner the night before. Let dinner cook overnight, cool while you get ready for your day and pop the dinner into the frig before you leave the house. When you get home... just reheat! I love to wake up to all  the delicious smells working their magic in my kitchen!

Best SG Tip: brown meat, saute veggies and warm spices on your stove top first... before putting them in the slow cooker. This will make such a difference in the final taste of your meal!!!!

Here is a go-to list of StoneGable Slow Cooker Meals ..

Braised Short Ribs (one of my favs)
Chili (see Tuesday's menu)
Killer Fajitas
~French Onion Soup (see Sunday's menu)
~Smoky Pork Chili (another fav)
~Ham Tetrazzini (see Thursday's menu)
~Slow Cooker Ham And Bean Soup
~Beef And More Beef Barley Soup (see Sunday's Men)
~Broccoli Cheese Soup (see Sunday's Menu)
~Black Bean And Pumpkin Chili (see Sunday's Menu)
~Whole Chicken In A Crock Pot With Bonus Chicken Stock (see Friday's Menu)
~Chicken Cicciatore (see Saturday's Menu)
~Tamale Pie With Corn And Black Olives (see Saturday's Menu)
~ Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches
~Sausage And Peppers (see Sunday's Menu)
~ORANGE HOISIN CHICKEN (see Thursday's Menu)
~Beef Estofando (Spanish Beef Stew)
~Collard Greens (see Saturday's Menu)
~Classic Meatloaf (see Sunday's Menu)
~Holiday Beef Brisket (see Thursday's Menu~ I made this for Christmas dinner last year)


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