This is my family room...  the BEFORE  picture.

Here is the after...

Maybe I should say the "during" instead of the after!  

I have always like the bones of my family room...but try as I might I really have not been totally comfortable with the "feel" of the room. You know, that intangible sense that the room is at it's best.  Something was off.

I have always loved the wall color... SPRINGFIELD TAN by Benjamin Moore. But in that room it's been hard to live with. Right color... wrong room. Picking a wall color has always been hardest for me.

I think it is the combo of the lack of light... the other brown pieces in that room and the lack of accent colors and textures.  The carpet is another problem.  But that's a problem for next year.

So we are brightening the whole back area of our home up with a lighter wall color!
SONNET by Benjamin Moore has worked in the living room and dining room so I'm using it in the family room, breakfast room and kitchen!

There are other new and rearranged things going on as well... 

This all need to be done by Memorial Day weekend. We have 150 guests coming for a backyard Country Wedding Reception.

CRAZY, huh?

If I've been a little MIA, I hope you will understand!!!

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