How To Make a Placemat

Placemats serve mulitpurposes at the table. They are utilitarian and add beauty. They act as a barrier between a table and the elements of a meal! They define space.

Here at StoneGable placemats are an everyday part of setting a table!  Finding a placemat that is perfect for a tablescape is not always easy. When I  envision a table and cannot find the right placemats or napkins I make them myself. To view the complete daisy tablescape these placemats and napkins were made for click HERE.

Placemat, like napkins, are quite easy to make.  With a few basic materials and a sewing machine a couple of placemats can be whipped up in about an hour. To learn how to make a miter cornered napkin click HERE.

StoneGable Placemats
material for placemats
placemat batting
trim~ wider than 1/2 inch
fabric glue

Wash and dry fabric. Iron.

The placemat I made was 13 1/2 by 21 inches. Double fabric and cut out a 14 1/2 x 22 inch rectangle. You should have 2 pieces of 14 1/2 x 22. Use a 1/2 inch seam allowence for all sewing. Press.

Cut out one piece of batting 15 x 24.

 Put RIGHT sides of material together together. Make sure they are evenly matched. Stack fabric and batting,  putting the batting on the bottom and lay the material on the top of the batting. Batting will be larger than fabric, so center the 2 layers of fabric on the batting. Pin fabric to batting around the edges of the fabric.

  Mark off 2-3 inch that you will not sew on on of the long sides of your placemats. This is where you will turn your fabric to the right side. I mark this with a fabric marker (see blue line).

If you are adding trim, add it between the two layers of fabric. Make sure the edges of the trim are flush with the edges of the fabric and that the trim is more than 1/2 inch in width so it will show after it is sewn into the placemat.

I only add trim to the short ends of the placemats.

Pin, Pin, Pin! I line everything up and pin it all in place.

Sew around all edges starting and stopping at the marked openings.

Turn the top layer of the fabric to the right side through the opening.

Press placemat, and  whip stitch opening closed. Press again.

Glue embellishments to placemat with fabric glue. I used a pretty little daisy trim and cut it apart. Position the embellishment on the ends of the placemat where it can be seen!

To wash: Wash by hand or in the machine on a gentle cycle. Line dry.

Making placemats can be a fun, economical and beautiful way to enhance your table!

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