Blistering heat and soaring humidity has kept me inside at StoneGable. The inspiration for this calm and icy blue table was the weather! 

Done a couple of weeks ago during the height of a heat wave, I wanted a table that would be a break from the heat for our friends... and us too!

The only time I ventured outdoors was to quickly cut these fabulous blue hydrangeas from a bush in the back of our home.  Even they needed to come in from the heat, when I first picked them they were languishing.

Each place was set with a mix of blue and white dishes sitting on a cool blue straw placemat.

The blues in the plates, tablescloth and placemats were all a little different. It is fascinating to me to see elements play nicely together. A dark blue and white dessert plate gives the weight this stack of dishes needs for interest.

Delicate vintage sherbet dishes top each setting. I think these sweet sherbets are so winsome! Their little pedestal and wide bowl, make them so visually lovely. They are a new to me treasure, and what a bargain at $2.00 a piece!

Speaking of bargains... and I love a great bargain... the blue glasses were a GW find at 5 for $4.97! Aren't they a beautiful color?

Just a little soapbox note... I enjoy lovely things. And I am blessed to have lovely things. But I also love a bargain!  Beautiful things don't have to be expensive, and in my case often aren't. I mix the treasures that were passed down to me with things that cost very little. Style shouldn't equate to dollars. How we elevate, share and hold loosely onto the things we have in our own individual ways~ now that's true style!

And things don't equate to happiness! My mantra is and always has been "people are more important than things". I love home and have a passion for making my home a sanctuary for my family and all who visit. It is the  people that fill my life that give it meaning and joy! And so, I am blessed beyond measure!  But you all knew that, didn't you!

I'll step down off of my soapbox and back away from the megaphone~ thanks for giving me a minute~ and now back to the table..

Tucked into the blue glasses are crisp white hemstitched napkins.

These sweet cups and saucers came from a flea market, as did the small candle holders. They were in a Styrofoam ice chest filled with blue and white goodies for $4.00! I kept the things I wanted and passed the rest on to friends and GW. One man's trash is definitely this woman's treasure!

A blue and white patterned tablecloth adds depth and again plays nicely with the mix of patterns in the dishes and centerpiece. I am wild about mixing patterns!  Talk about instant interest!

The tablecloth was not the proper size to fit the table, but I love the juxtaposition of the table edges and the tablecloth corners! Who said tablecloths have to cover the whole table?

Cobalt blue salt and pepper shakers, a gift from my daughter Jacqueline and her prince charming of a husband, give a pop of intense blue color to the table.

When having a crowd or company I often put a second set of salt and pepper shakers on the table. These are a pretty blue transferware.

If there is room I like to set dessert plates, and sometimes dessert, on the table. Elevated on a white cake stand are plates, dessert napkins (extra washing, but a lovely touch) and dessert forks.

I have a love affair with silver! Most of my silver is silverplate, and collected from antique shops, flea markets and GW.  It is all beautiful to me! Especially swoon worthy is a piece of silver with any letter for monogram on it. If you are interested in silver too, you might want to see my post on "Beautiful Things, Silver and it's Care" . Click HERE to view.

The ginger jar centerpiece is filled with take-my-breath-away hydrangeas from my garden. This has been my best hydrangea year ever!!!! They were a little wilty when I first brought them in, but some nice cool water and a pretty container perked them right up!

One more look at (sigh) these blue beauties!

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