The lightning bugs are coming out to play! Just before dark, they wake up from their hidden bed chambers in the grass and make the countryside sparkle! This is my favorite time of day in the summer. Sitting on my back porch swing I have a panaromic view of the all their lighting and flitting...

Do remember catching them in a jar when you were a child? The jar would flicker and glow! What simple joy!  It was a miracle in a jar! I still feel that way when the lightning bugs come out to play!

These dear, simple and homespun lanterns remind me of  lightning bugs in a jar! They are easy to make and such a delightful welcome as summer's day melts into night.

Put bird seed ( or sand if you are near the beach) in a ball jar and drop a votive candle in a small glass votive holder. Nestle the candle down in the bird seed. That's it!

Lightning Bug Lantern!

To make the handle use a 16 gauge steel wire and fastened it to the rim of the jar. Use a second length of wire to make the little handle. So easy! I cut and bent the wire with wire cutters.

Hang lightning bug lanterns on a crook in the garden. Line the walk with them or light up the front porch to welcome guest. Put them in unexpected places!

These little lanterns bring a warm glow to a summer evening... and a little charm too!


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