The bride loves daisies and her favorite color is yellow! So for her bridal shower I made  light and lemony cupcakes with a lemon cream cheese icing. And topped them off with big and happy fondant daisies.

These daisies were quite easy to make and the cupcakes looked so pretty on the dessert table... here's a step-by step culinary tutorial so you can recreate these special daisy inspired cupcakes...

My mantra when I am making anything, time and tutorial. One can make almost anything within reason with the right tools the time to do the job and a good tutorial.

Making Fondant Daisies:

fondant mat
fondant roller
fondant daisy cutters
small skewer
confectioners sugar 
parchment or waxed paper
Wilton's food coloring paste (mellow yellow)
zip lock bag

I made 30 flowers and it took me a couple of hours. Next time it will go much faster!

Set up the mat on a counter top. Have all other tools handy.
Read all the directions for handling fondant on the fondant box. I also read tutorials on line, but my experience with fondant is that it is not as hard to work with as they say. Actually, it was quite fun and easy.

Take fondant out of foil wrapper and break off a chunk the size of a golf ball. Put the rest of the fondant in a baggie and seal it, squeezing the air out the best you can.

Knead fondant until it is very pliable. If it is too sticky add a LITTLE confectioner's sugar and knead. This only took a couple of minutes.

Dust mat  and roller with confectioner's sugar. Put fondant in the middle of the mat and roll it out using roller. The "bands" at the end of the silicone rolling pin will stop the fondant from rolling too thin.

Using cutters dipped in confectioners sugar, cut out 2 large flowers and 1 medium flower for each daisy you want to make. I made enough for 3 daisies at a time. If you cut out too many the fondant will harden and be difficult to work with.

Score each petal of the flowers by rolling the end of a toothpick across the petal with a downward motion. You may need to practice this to get the right amount of pressure.

To Assemble Daisy:
Put the tiniest dab of water in the center of  one large flower- this will be the bottom of your daisy.
Place another large flower on top of the bottom flower. Make sure the bottom flower's petal peek out between the top flower's petals.

Put the tiniest dab of water in the center of the top large flower.
Put a medium flower on top of the large flower arranging it in a pleasing manner.

Using your finger, press into the center of the flower to adhere them together and to give them a 3D effect.

Keep breaking off small pieces of fondant and continue the process until you have enough flowers.

To make the center of the daisies, break off a chunk of fondant the size of a quarter. Kneed until pliable.

Add a TINY spot of food coloring or food coloring gel and knead it into the fondant. It is better to start with an extremely small amount. You can always add more. I collected the gel on the tip of a skewer.

Roll into little balls. Put a tiny dab of water into the flower depression. I dipped my finger in  the water and dried it off, then touched my finger to the flower. If it is too wet it gets a little slippery and slimy.

Place yellow balls in the well of the center flower to make the daisy centers.

Place flowers on top of iced cupcakes before serving. Do not cover. Fondant will get very soft if you cover it in plastic wrap. I made and iced the cupcake and covered them. The day of the shower I put the daisies on the cupcakes just before I put them on the cake stands.

I decorated a two tiered cake stand to put these special cupcakes on...

A very pretty, girly bow embellished the cake stand!

I hope you will give these delicious and pretty cupcakes a try!

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