Today was a very emotional day! And I am feeling sentimental. I don't often post about very personal things, but thank you for indulging me tonight.

Today, our family went to Fort Indian Town Gap National Cemetary to pay tribute to our fallen soldiers and to my Dad. He is laid to rest there along with thousands of men and women who have served in the Armed Forces to defend and protect all Americans.

As we drove through the quiet gently rolling landscape of Pennsylvania draped with American flags and decorated with flowers marking the graves I was so struck with a sense of extreme pride. The pride of having a Dad who served his country for over one third of his life! A career man in the Army first then the Air Force. A man who loved his country and his family and his God.

My father came from a poor uneducated family in the Ozarks. With hard work, determination and a will to make a better life for himself and his family he worked tirelessly. And succeeded. His love for us was effusive and his devotion to my mother was something most women only can dream of. He was strong and dependable and private.

My father had a profound effect on my life. It was by his example and through his inspriation that I learned to love and feel such pride for this country. My America!  It was watching my Dad that helped me to understand the sacifice each military person and their families makes for all of us. I came to know the debt of gratitude owed to all serving!

So, on the Memorial Day I want to honor my Dad, my inspriation!

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I as so humbled by you kind and loving post, Maggie. Thank you!


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