Ruffled Burlap Runner Tutorial:

Burlap is a very trendy fabric right now! This lowly workhorse of a material has been elevate above some of the most historically sought after textiles- silks, satins, brocades- to take center stage in many decor circles. This astounds me! Burlap is not a friendly fabric to live with. It is scratchy and it sheds. It looses it's shape and does not wash well. Burlap smells funny, too!

At first I bucked the burlap trend. But burlap used it's natural wiles on me and has somewhat broken me! Although I don't want to decorate my windows with it or cover my furniture in it, I do now love the look of burlap as an accent. And I sing it's economical praises- so when this trend is bygone it won't have made a dent in my decorating budget. It is a winner when texture is needed and it's natural fiber weave is fresh and breezy.

The blogs and etsy shops are filled with  burlap- especially pillows and  runners. But the runners caught me eye. Runners come in so many options!  Long, short, embellished, natural and colored. I was so intrigued with them all. Now this is a burlap piece I could love. It doesn't mean I am stuck with this funny fabric for the long haul. I can enjoy it for a season or two and then toss it- sorta like a decorating fling as opposed to  a committed relationship.

This season a short flirty runner will grace my kitchen farmhouse table. Easy to make, albeit quite messy (good tip, keep the dustbuster at hand).  I am pleased with the final result. It says summer to me.

I decided to make this runner short to show off the ruffle and ric rac trim. But it certainly could be made long.

StoneGable Ruffled Burlap Table Runner:

ric rac
denim needle for sewing machine

Most table runners are 14-18 inches in width. Decide the witdth that would look best for your table. I wanted the ruffle of the runner to show, so I decided to make the body of my runner 36 inches and the ruffle 3 inches. My tablerunner's final proportions were 14" x 42".

Purchase burlap. For this project I bought 1 1/2 yards @ $2.99 a yard, but got 40% off with a coupon. I had a little fabric left over and will use it on another project.  Hand wash and line dry burlap. Press.

This runner is reversable. Both sides are finished. This is becasue I doubled my fabric.
I will be giving instructions for a 14 x 42 inch runner. Adjust the measurements to fit your table and size of runner you want. All seam allowance were 1/2".

Start by cutting 2 pieces of burlap 15 x 37. 
14 " (width of runner) + 1/2" (seam allowance) + 1/2" (seam allowance) x 36 " (length of runner) + 1/2 "
 (seam allowance) + 1/2" (seam allowance)

Pin lengths together.

Sew length sides together using 1/2" seam allowances.

Turn to right side and press.

Turn width ends under 1/2".

Using leftover burlap, cut 2 lengths - 4" x  21" for the ruffle.
3" + 1/2" (seam allowance) + 1/2" (seam allowance) x  21" (1 and 1/2  widths of the 14 inch side opening).
I wanted a gently gathered ruffle- nothing too dramatic.

Fold fabric lengthwise and press. Open and press 1/2" under each width side.

Fold length on press line and sew the sides together.

Using a needle and thread, sew a basting stitch (big stitches) along the top of the raw edge length making sure to catch both thicknesses together.

Gather fabric by pulling fabric along thread to fit the runner end opening.

Pin each end into the runner first.

Pin the middle of the ruffle intoto the middle of the runner.

Pin the rest of the ruffle into the runner. Distrubute the ruffle evenly. Sew ruffle to runner.

Press runner. Make ruffle for the other end.  Add ric rac if desired by sewing it near the edge of the body of the runner, but not on the seam as it will look bulky.

Press ric rac and you are done! Easy peasy!

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