It is time to CELEBRATE! I have missed you! See, I set the table for just the two of us so we can get reacquainted! I was not REALLY away... I kept up on everyone's blogs and worked on making mine better, I just did it behind the scenes.

I am sooooo glad to be back! There are new things to tell you... New idea and changes at StoneGable.

I am also celebrating Decor To Adore's  High Tea Tablescape linky party on Feb. 23rd. I was asked to be "an esteemed judge". I don't know about the "esteemed" part, but I am certainly an honored judge! Two fabulous prizes will be awarded... one "Fit For A Queen" and the other "Absolutely Scrumptious". For all the details visit Decor to Adore.

High Tea Tablescapes

High Tea For Two is served in my living room. Do you know the difference between High Tea and Low Tea? Traditionally, it was the height of the table! High tea was set on a regular table while low tea was usually taken by an end table or low butler table! Simple as that. Recently, High Tea has come to symbolize a more formal tea.

The table is set for High Tea.  Each place is awash with a combination of pink, white and a touch of silver! The idea for this table was to be dreamy, refined yet inviting.

Since this tea is fit for a Queen (or a nod to a future Queen) silver must make an appearance.

A creamy white plate with a ruffled rim will hold our savories. If you look closely you will see an embossed crown peeking out from under the pretty pink floral Limoges plate.  These Limoges dishs are a treasured find from a local antique shop. I was taken with their delicate and sweet patten. So ladylike, they continues the rose theme of the table.

A shallow silver bowl with a detailed rim is tucked into this stack of dishes for a little royal shine.

A beautifully painted rose bowl graces each setting. These deep bowls will not be used for food, but whisked away to appear at the end of the meal filled with warm water and rose petals so we can freshen up after all the finger food.

Baby pink vintage napkins are embellished with a lovely scalloped edge and a cutwork corner. A chiffon overlay is a feminine addition. And  pink beaded napkin rings brings them together for a fluffy ruffled look.

Many elements of this table have beautiful edges.  Repeating an element is a way to make a table pleasing to the eye. And I am drawn to distinct edging.

The silver flatware was found at a flea market. I carried away 11 place settings for $27.00. It was very tarnished and unloved. I took it home and with a little rubbing and affection, brought it back to it's sparkling original finish. I LOVE the pattern. Any queen would be tickled to eat from it!

My grandmother's wedding goblets, over 70 years old, still gleam in pastel hues. They hold the memory of a young bride who many years ago lovingly placed them on her table. Whenever I use them I tarry to remember the warmth and love that was my grandmother. How I miss her. (Mom, I know you are reading this... through tears!)

What would tea time be without a tea cup? I had originally thought to use pink floral tea cups but they pulled too much attention away from the centerpiece and rose bowls. These porcelain leaf motif vintage tea cups are creamy, delicate and lovely. Their demure presence is just right for this table.

A silver footed tray fills the center of the table.It is part of a tea service that I purchased at a local antique shop last year. Silver things make my heart sing!!!! The etched detail and scrolling edges (again) make an elegant statement.

The silver tea pot from the service is used as a vase. I love the idea of having pink roses spilling from the pot instead of tea. The shape and scrollwork on this tea pot make it one of my very favorite pieces.

The tea pot lid is artfully appointed with rolls and curls... Bliss!

The open sugar bowl doubles as a little vase for a trio of pinky blooms.  A second small arrangement balances the large showy arrangement of the tea pot.

The silver covered sugar bowl and creamer wait in refined manner for the tea.

Lifting the lid of the sugar bowl reveals a pastel surprise. White sugar is mixed with pink and a good dash of large confetti colored sugar. So fun...and girly!

Puckery lemon slices are served on a silver butter dish for the guest who prefers lemon in their tea. Lemon juice can damage silver so the butter dish's glass insert works as a pretty barrier.

Crystal salt and pepper shakers with silver lids were picked up at a flea market for $2.50 for the pair. Talk about rags to riches! They were crusty and dusty but I saw their beauty underneath it all. They stand tall and proud at this table fit for a queen.

The table is set and ready for you. It's been awhile since we have had a good visit.

The Menu

Ham, Asparagus and Fontina Tart
Mini Crab Cakes With An Heirloom Confetti Relish
Endive Leaves With Bleu,Walnuts And Dried Figs Drizzled With A Balsamic Reduction
Fried Ravioli with Pesto

The Sweets
Mini Orange Bunt Cakes With Blood Orange Glaze
Sweet Mascapone Stuffed Strawberries In Dark Chocolate
Lace Cookies
Chocolate Espresso Truffles

The Scones
Sour Cream Scones With Dried Cherries
Lemon Poppyseed Scones
Lemon Curd
Clotted Cream
Wild Cherry Jam

Assoted Teas or Coffee
Sparkling Water

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I am participating in Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch. Thanks for hosting, Susan!

I am participating in Pink Saturday at How Sweet The Sound. Beverly is our lovely hostess!


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