Little pots of spring plants make the sweetest gifts! Especially since Easter is just around the corner.

They are pretty just the way they are, but with very little extra fuss they can be dressed up to make a beautiful presentation.

Wrapping up a pot doesn't really take a tutorial, but I thought out the steps for you to make it even easier to give spring flowers as an extra special gift.

Cut clear cellophane from a roll into 4 rectangles that will fit up the sides of the pot plus 2 1/2 inches.

Position 2 sheets of cellophane on top of each other in a + . Repeat with the other sheets of cellophane. This will make ruffly edges.

Gather up cellophane around the pot and secure with a thick rubber band.

Cut a length of ribbon. I try to use wired ribbon. Cut the ends into dovetails.

Tie in a bow and fluff.

Add moss to cover the dirt. This gives your pot a finished look.

Maybe tuck a little decorative plate under the plant... very special! I got 5 of these at a flea market for $3.00 a piece.

So sweet... so thoughtful!

But you KNEW all that already!!! Just a little reminder.

Happy Spring!


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