I received so many questions about the pink sugar that appeared in a recent post.  Click HERE to see original post.

"Did you make it?"  Yes, I did. It's a little touch that has a big WOW factor!

This could not be any easier to make! This sugar can be made to coordinate with the season, the theme and the color of a tablescape. Everyone loves this little fun touch. So sassy!

StoneGable Colored Sugar
white sugar
colored sanding sugar
multicolored large crystal sugar

Most specialty sugars are now carried by many grocers and kitchen stores.

All colored sugars were made with table sugar AND
shown above: top~ pinks sanding sugar + rainbow crystals; middle~ yellow cupcake sugar; bottom~ rainbow crystals

table sugar + soft green + rainbow crystals

Put white sugar in a small sealable baggie. Combine a little bit of colored sugar. You can always add more, but you cannot remove it. I think it looks best if the colored sugar is not overdone.

table sugar + rainbow crystals

table sugar + red sanding sugar + clear sanding sugar

 Seal the baggie and shake. Put colored sugar in sugar bowl and enjoy!

Even if you aren't having company soon, do it for the wee ones! Kids just LOVE this!


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