It is a perfect early afternoon on the porch. A small table is set for lunch. A mother and her precious daughter sit and share a couple of priceless hours together. It is a very exciting and happy time. The daughter has just had the first fitting of her bridal gown.

The young woman is chatty with wedding talk. The mother smiles and treasures every moment in her heart. They talk and giggle and discuss every detail of today's fitting. It is the first time the bride-to-be put on her own wedding gown!

  A sweet time, an intimate tete-a-tete over desssert. The mother is trying to soak in every moment of this day... but every now and then... just for an instant... her mind wanders back to memories of the little girl she can still see in the face of the young woman across the little table. The mother's eyes get misty with love for her child.

 "The only thing left to find is the bridal veil", these words bring the mother's thoughts back to the present. The young lady is right... and finding it might be easier than she thinks! The mother has an idea...

Bridal Veil... a double entendre for today's post.

The billowy, yet delicate, flowers cascading from from the garden below on to the porch is Bridal Veil. It envelopes the table like loving arms.

 Spiling over the white pitcher it gracefully moves with the lightest breath of a breeze just like a blusher on a  bridal veil!

A white damask tablecloth is overlaid with yards of vintage pearl-studded tulle.

Heavily detailed  white and ivory ironstone dishes are stacked to mimic the lace and intricate design in a wedding gown.

The bowl, a crown design, is reminiscent of a tiara worn by a blushing bride!

The silver flatware adds a touch of formality to the table.

White damask napkins are rolled and held in place by a wedding band-like sterling silver napkin ring.   A tender branch of bridal veil is intertwined around the napkin ring.

My grandmother's wedding goblets are like honored guest at this table. The sun catches their slight iridescence and makes them blush like the cheeks of a bride!

White porcelain cup and saucers have a leaf design.

Bridal Veil spills out over the the pitcher that is elevated on a white pedestal. The demure  floral clusters make a beautiful and profuse statement on the table.

The young girl did find her perfect bridal veil. It was a pearl studded cathedral length veil worn by her Mother many years before. Updated and shortened, it became a part of the happiest day of the young girls life!  

This dreamy white table also holds all the best wishes for a happy life to all bride-to be!


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