Are you living BEAUTIFULLY? Fulfilled in the things you do... content with what you have...finding joy and purpose in your everyday life?

I recently visited my dear friends, the Mueller Twins, in their garden. I almost always find them in their garden when they are at home. I am drawn to them by their kind ways, manifested in their smiling faces and graciousness!

These "girls" are a perfect pair. Miss V and Miss V have never married... they are unclaimed jewels! And jewels they are! The live together in busy bliss tending their garden, working on their dried floral design business and hopping from one speaking engagement to another!

The twins have a secret! The illusive secret to a happy life. They love their life and who they are. They do not use the happiness meter of popular culture to tell them how they are doing! It comes from within. They could not tell you the first thing about current styles and trends... and are so much better for it! The chic and shiny would overlook them, for they are unassuming and delightfully authentic! 

They do not let outside forces dictate how they should live! They live by an internal compass deeply rooted and stalwartly grounded in their faith. They know truth and their truth is not found in the flashy things of this world!

They are happy, kind, giving and content! Their lives overflow with joy and it splashes on everyone they meet! Their felicity is contagious!  Partly because they know who they are and partly because they are innocent of what the world says they should be! How lucky, no scratch that, how blessed!

I deeply admire these independent women. They remind me to check the compass of my own life. To be myself... to love and to be charitable in spirit and satisfied... and to be grateful!

It is easy, especially in the community of "shelter blogs" to look at what others have or do and to compare! What should inspire and spark creativity can cause us to feed on our feelings of look at what others have and be discontent. Blogs are full of the newest and latest and greatest. The most trendy, beautiful and chic. NOT that that is bad... as long as it does not fan the fires of bad reactions in us! We must ferociously guard against this root of unhappiness and dissatisfaction and embrace our own lives with gratitude and appreciation!

The Mueller twins are the pin up girls for living a beautiful life... just by being themselves! I hope you are living that beautiful life too!

I am happy to be a part of ...

Below are photos taken in The Mueller twin's magnificent gardens. Each flower is one they pointed out to me. The words are by William Henry Channing...

Live the symphony that is YOUR LIFE!

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