Adding new pillows to your decor is like putting on a new shade of lipstick or finding the perfect pair of shoes to compliment a new outfit. Pillows are the icing on the decorating cake!

Since changing every inch of my family room decor, I am learning to live with neutrals. And I have been hesitant to put too much color back in to my room.  Neutrals are a whole new experience for me. 

Autumn is the perfect time to experiment with a big splash of seasonal color... using pillows!

I found this lovely soft burnt coral and creamy white pillow cover at the Pottery Barn Outlet. The chocolate brown envelope pillow came from PB too! The pillow with the French writing came with the sofa.

I had been looking for something soft and orange to work with the pops of blue and white I have around the room. Orange and blue are complimentary colors so I knew they would work wonderfully together.

The orange pillow is 24 inches. A very helpful salesperson at PB suggested putting a goose down euro sham pillow form in the pillow case instead of a 24 inch throw pillow form. Great advice!!!! It makes the pillow so much more full. I'm passing along this helpful tip! I love this pillow's fluffy look!

The brown pillow is 18 inches and I used an 18 inch goose down pillow form. I wish it was a little more full~ but then again it could just be the linen. What a love/hate relation I have with linen! Love the thought of it.... hate living with it. It gets so wrinkled. I am just letting it get crumples and going with it! Secretly, I wanted to iron them before I took photos but showed restraint!

I would like to replace the brown pillow with the French writing. I prefer down pillows and cases. 

I am looking for a pillow cover or fabric in a heavy blue and white stripe or a deep oatmeal linen (oh, linen again!). I'll let you know what I find!

September is a transitional month at StoneGable. Not really pumpkin time yet but no longer summer. It is a time of soft Autumnal colors and the last of the flowers in the garden. 

A time of slowly changing decor. Apples... pears.... twigs and sticks...pretty leaves... and a little room to take a decorating breath of fresh air before bringing out the pumpkins and acorns!

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