Salt Scrubs are a spa luxury. Exfoliating the skin by removing dead skin cells, salt scrubs leave skin glowing and soft. And they moisturize too!

The down side to salt scrubs is that they can be quite pricey. Unless, that is, you make them yourself. Using just a few ingredients, salt scrubs are very easy to make and very economical.

The salt for your scrub needen't be fancy. A fine textured sea salt works wonderfully. Or you can just use ordinary table salt. But do not use a large grain salt, as it could damage your skin.

The oil is also a matter of what you might have on hand or what is available in your stores.  Almond oil has a lovely fragrance and has moisturizing qualities. Grapeseed oil has a light aroma and is another good moisturizer. Other oils you might use are any massage oil, olive oil (it does feel very oily though), jojoba and even canola oil. Massage oils are especially made for skin and usually have a nice scent. Avoid mineral oils such as baby oil, it does not penetrate the skin well and will clog pores.

Salt scrubs not only leave your skin soft but they smell wonderfull! The nicest part of making your own is that you get to choose the scent. With only a few drops of esential oil (no more than 5) you can have a beautifully smelling salt scrub that will make you smell beautiful too!

It only takes a couple of minutes to whip up this bath and body treat!

StoneGable Salt Scrub
1 cup fine textured sea salt
4 oz. grapeseed oil
2 drops Petal Pink Wilton food coloring
3 drops rose essential oil
2 drops Savannah rain essential oil

Using a bowl and spoon that will not be used for food, mix the salt with the oil.  Add food coloring and mix thoroughly. Add essential oils and mix.

Choose a pretty jar with a lid to keep your salt scrub in. I use a silver sugar spoon to dip out the scrub.

How To Use Salt Scrub
It is important to realize that your salt scrub is an exfolient. GENTLY rub (don't scrub)  the salt scrub over your wet body. Avoid your face and sensitive areas. You can also add some liquid soap with the salt scrub.
Rinse well and moisturize.

Salt Scrub Treatment For Dry Hands
A salt scrub is wonderful for rough dry hands.  Before bed follow directons above using a squirt of soap with the salt scrub. Slather a thick layer of cream or body butter on your hands and put a pair of cotton gloves or socks on your hands while you sleep. In the morning you won't believe those hands belong to you! I do this weekly.

Use your salt scrub regularily to have rosy soft and fragrant skin!

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