Playing Along:

My BBF (Best Blogging Friend) Maggie at The White Farmhouse wants to play tag! She asked me to re-post the 6th picture I ever posted. Just a quick note about Maggie- she is hysterical! I love to visit her. She has what I call the Lucille Ball factor. Her antics and life make her irresistably charming. Click HERE to visit this wonderful blog.

I have been thinking a lot lately about my blogging journey. I have been blogging for 7 months! When  I started I could have never dreamed that this adventure would mean so much to me.

I have met so many wonderful people! I find our community warm, creative, sympathetic and encouraging. I could use about 100 more positive adjectives! And if you know me you know I love adjectives. I just want to travel the country, and for that matter the world, and visit all of you face to face!

I have been able to archive parts of my life and loves for my children and hopefully theirs children ...and so on. Do you think blogging will someday be the Little House On The Prairie of our times?  I hope so. It is a chronicle of our generation.

Well, back to the 6th picture. My first post was about welcoming the world through my front door. This is part of my front door and my 6th picture. I was showing an etched looking "P" (for our last name) on a sidelight window. I was so enamored by the monogramed windows I saw in Savannah, I came right home and put one on mine.

Every season my front porch goes through a change. I usually have some kind of theme for planting pots and decorating. Last summer I called it "Profusion". I just wanted big plants, big color and a big statement. Hopefully you can see the pink- this is after all Pink Saturday.

Look carefully. Can you find Baby, our cat in this picture?

A wider shot of the front door and porch.. and Baby.

This is why I called my blog StoneGable... it is the name of our home. You can see the house sign in our stone gable.

If you would like to see my very first post click HERE.

Now be a good sport and play along- It's fun to take a walk down memory lane! Tag 10 people and do the same!

Tag your it:
Mrs. P @ Faithfulness Farm
Rachel @ The Atwoods
Mimi @ Bonjour Romance
The Tablescaper
Pattie and Allie @ Bramasole... To Yearn For The Sun
Patricia @ Butter Yum
Sue @ I Need Mom
Splenderosa @ Gems on Glamour
Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound
And YOU ! I say the more the merrier...

Thanks Maggie, this WAS fun!

I am joing Chari at Happy To Design for Sunday Favorites. She is celebrating her 52nd- ONE YEAR- anniversary of Sunday Favorites! Congratulations to you Chari! As a new Sundy Favorites participant, I just love seeing posts from the past! Go over to Chari's great blog and catch up on the best of the best from the past!

I am participating in Pink Saturday at How Sweet The Sound, hosted by our dear Berverly. Beverly was just featured in the fabulous magazine, Artful Blogging to celebrate 2 YEARS of Pink Saturday! Congratulations to you, my talented friend!!!!