Did you ever see something and think it was so cute and adorable... and very chic and earthy at the same time... and made of nubby burlap...and you just had to make it!

Yes?...you know that experience? Good!  Well, that happened to me when I saw burlap acorns on pinterest.

I just had to make them... and tweak them a little... 

This was a really fun project. Very easy and fast! I made all 4 acorns in just over an hour. Of course, that does not count the time it took to treat the 3rd degree burn I got from my hot glue gun! But I digress...


1.   Materials Needed
toile fabric
Styrofoam eggs
small twigs

2. Cut a circle of burlap large enough to  cover all but the top of the smaller end of the Styrofoam egg.

Put hot glue in the center of the burlap, place the large end of the egg on the center of the burlap and smooth the burlap to adhere to the egg. BE CAREFUL not to burn yourself (and you thought I was kidding about treating my burn!).

3. Hot glue the burlap around the egg, smoothing it the best you can. The toile is not as forgiving as the burlap, so I made small folds here and there.

4. Cut apart the scales of the pinecones with sturdy scissors. Hot glue them in a circle near the small end of the egg.

Continue to glue the pinecone scales around the egg until you get to the top.

Push a small stick into the top of the styrofoam. Finish adding pinecone scales until the top of the egg is covered.

See what I mean...I bet you are thinking this is so cute and adorable... and very chic and earthy at the same time... and made of nubby burlap AND FRENCH TOILE...and now YOU can't wait to make them!

I know just how you feel!

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