What do you get when you combine patriotic themes with beachy elements? 

This dapper Stars and Stripes Summer Wall Art!

Here's a fun and so so easy way to bring a little summer sass to your decor!

It took less than an hour to make two of these fun, decorative summer pictures... I'll show you how...

The summery wall art pictures work well on the mantel and my family room. I'll be showing you how I decked the whole family room out for the 4th later this week.

I used the shape of the starfish and the stripes on the shells to carry out the stars and strip theme!

Both pictures cost under $10.00 to make.


2 frames with mats (I got mine at AC Moore... both frames cost $10.00 retail and I had a 50% off coupon)
patterned burlap sheet (AC Moore)
3 1/2 inch burlap webbing
starfish, shells, sand dollar
hot glue

1. All Materials

2. Cut the burlap 1 inch longer and wider than the opening in the mat. Center burlap pattern in mat. Turn over and tape the burlap to the back of the mat.

3. Hot glue the burlap to the mat. Turn over.

4. Pick through shells and arrange them on the burlap. 

5. When you have a pleasant design hot glue them to the front of the burlap.

Put the picture frame together without the glass.

Use the same technique for the long 3-image picture.

Here's how I made the center stars and stripe text...

I used this template

and printed it on cardstock.  I then taped a 3 /12 inch piece of burlap webbing over the text on the cardstock, taping down all the edges very securely.

A square piece of burlap could be used instead of the webbing and is a whole lot thinner.

I put the cardstock through the printer again (holding my breath) and printed the text again, this time on the burlap.

The burlap was cut to fit the middle mat.

*WARNING: This can get a little addictive! Once I saw how easy it was to print on burlap my mind was racing with new things I could do!!!!

Click HERE to get the stars and stripe text to fit a 4 x 6 mat.

If you don't want to put burlap through your printer just print the text out on a piece of cardstock.

So easy peasy!!!

These summery wall art pictures are making a big splash in my family room!

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