A Big Party Faux Pas!
I knew the minute I walked into Catherine's beautiful home that I was out of my element, over my head, bitten off more than I could chew and not on the same page!

But it was too late to turn back. I spotted Sean Connery , a secret crush from way back, schmoozing at the dessert table and I went a little weak in the knees!

This confusing tale of misfortune and mistaken woe started when I was so kindly invited to the Finale Party for the Design Challenged... or so I thought! And I am certainly designed challenged! Catherine from the Shiny Pebble had invited me herself!

I have the blessed fortune to hang out with some pretty impressive fashionistas in bloggland. I'm not quite sure what they see in me, but they have accepted me none the less and I am so thankful for their friendship. They are so fashion forward and glamorous! I was hoping that tonight I could learn from them and that their stunning style and panache would rub off onto me.

It had taken me over a week to pick out the perfect outfit. On wash day, Monday, I had scrubbed all of my best frocks and hung them on line to dry! It really helps to get the manure smell out of the fabric. Living in the heart of Amish country, this is a continual battle for me!

So I chose a simple black dress, white cap and black lace up sneekers. Typical dress for my community.

I kissed the kids...

And off I went to the Design Challenged Party!

It was well after dark when I arrived at Catherine's with my hostess gift of a homemade shoo fly pie in hand. Nothings says "thanks for letting me be a part of your party" like shoo fly pie!

Catherine, in her most gracious way, answered the door herself! Never too busy to greet a guest! She looked stunning. As I entered I noticed that everyone was stunning! Dressed in the most beautiful and unique fashions. Her decor was upscale and elegent. The food and bubbly were the finest I had ever seen! Marsha and her entourage of Mom-Mom, Chanterel, and Chelsey were all gorgeous!

That's when I knew that I had certainly missed something! Rushing to the powder room I pulled my invitation out of my pocked and reread it by the light of a drop crystal candelier!

Then it hit me~ this was  a party to mark the final interior designer challenge, NOT for the design challenged!!!
There was only one thing  to do. Escape!

I shimmied out of the bathroom window, hitched up my horse and buggy and high tailed it back to Lancaster Pa!

I was able to garner a few tidbits and beauty secrets as I breezed through the fabulous party~
1- sneekers, no matter how comfortable are NOT very becomming footwear
2- An amish cap and severly parted hair ages women and makes them eventually bald
3- red lipstick makes anyone look better (as long as you get your teeth whitened)

So if you are traveling in my neck of the woods and see a middle aged Amish women with kitten heels, tousled hair and red lips, wave and say Hi! It's probably me!

I want to thank our wonderful hostess Catherine for a lovely evening. And although it was not the party I expected I had a blast. And learned a few new fashion tips, tricks and trends too!

And thank you to my fashion friends who love me just the way I am. I am so happy to know all of you!You inspire me!

Please join the party. Click HERE to be amazed at this fashionable blog party!