My Study

My study is like a comfortable slipper! It just fits! It is a soft place to land and a sanctuary from all the clamor of the day!

Come on in ...

And see where I create!

Please excuse the color and quality of these photos. The room has little natural light and it was an overcast day when these pictures were taken. I had to adjust my camera to get these photos without a flash and they are not up to my usual standards~sorry!

Every morning when I wake up, I pour myself a BIG cup of coffee and head to my small study for time with God.  I am a Bible Study teacher and a speaker so this is where I do most of my studying and prepare for my speaking engagements.

It is also where I blog.

Just recently this room has  become my study. Before that it was a craft room/ kids computer and homework room/sewing room/ overflow room. The walls were painted terracotta (I think it looked like pepto bismal pink, though) and the furniture was white. My sewing machine cabinet was in here. But since my children have  left home, I felt I needed a space to read, study, and now blog. A more defined space.

I chose soft colors for my new space. Philadelphia Cream  by Benjamin Moore is a very warm and neutral wall color.This is a truely beautiful wall color!!!!! 

I was tired of white furniture (my kitchen is white) and wanted this room to be warm and old world-ish. I found this lovely french inspired chestnut desk at a local furniture store and it was love at first sight. It JUST fit in my study!

Using soft aquas and greens and butter in my study became a nice contrast to the wood. Aqua is such a popular color right now. But I wanted to really soften it up. No bright or in your face tones! And I did not want to buy any investment pieces in that color. When it falls out of vogue or I get tired of it I want to be able to change the color without any guilt!

My big investment was an unusual shade of green (the photo does not do it justice~sorry) persian rug. Perfect size, perfect color, perfect feel for the room. It was worth the investment!

This room is very much still a work in progress. I do not rush into decorating. It is a thoughtful process to me. And I am patient. I love the hunt of finding beautiful things that speak to me. The thrill of thinking about and finding a home for each element.

Adding to and editing things in the study is a slow and gratifying activity!

My desk, where I spend a good deal of time each day, always has flowers. Mostly from my garden now. And pictures of my family. Lots and lots of them. I have kept all my gilded frames- even though they are not so popular right now- they are still popular with me!  I also have a small painted wire basket (GW) that holds note cards, a pen and some stickers. A pretty tile from the Biltmore waits for that cup of morning coffee.  And where would I be without my reading glasses! They sit in a little silver bowl with legs. This bowl was a Good Will find and I am so wild about it!

Behind the closet doors are a good many of my dishes! And on the door knob hangs a flora dora holding fresh flowers. This was made by Jane at Flora Doora. Isn't it darling? It give me something so pretty to look at. I want to do SOMETHING with these doors... but what? Any ideas? Paint them to match the walls is what I have come up with so far.

I have been collecting things I love to display in the bookshelves. Not nearly done, I am taking away and adding often. I like a ballance of books and meaningful pieces. These are just a few of my decorating books. I have sooooo many books of all kinds! Books are an addiction!

I am a huge fan of Degas, and LOVE the ballet! A dear friend sent me this Degas card and I put it into a frame. I am captivated by this little work of art.

My study is a very tiny room. It sits right off of my kitchen. It feels confined (in a good way) and cozy!  The only thing missing is a fireplace! I added this large comfy taupe and pale aqua chair to the corner by the door (Calico Corners). This chair and the porch swing are my favorite places to get away from it all!

I am reading a couple of wonderful books about the art of note writing for an upcoming post.

Here's the pink for Pink Saturday!

There is still much to do! My desk chair fell apart last month and is not able to be repaired. I am in search of a new one. I have a huge wall decal to hang that says "Faith... makes things possible, not easy" above my closet. And so much more. The next two pictures are visual aids to show you what I am planning to do. I feel like John Madden with the circles!

Beverly at How Sweet The Sound has asked us to post, "Where Do You Create" for Pink Saturday. She asked us to show off our craft rooms or studies. When my craft room is more organized, I'll show you that too... in about 2 years! Venture over to her blog and see where other bloggers create!