Sweet Pea Tablescape In The Garden:

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Sweet Peas are the most girly of flowers. They are delicate, pretty, romantic and they smell beautifully sweet!

I have 2 wonderful twin friends that are my gardening mentors. When they called and told me that their sweet peas were in bloom I headed right over! Their garden is a wonderous sight to see and when the sweet peas are in all their glory their garden is magnificent.

I had originally intended to post a daisy table (saved for next week) but I couldn't let the bouquet of sweet peas wait. Because they are so dear to my heart, I made a little trayscape for breakfast... just for me!

The sturdy wicker tray is covered with a white damask napkin. The napkin will become my little tablecloth.

I often spend the early morning in my garden before the heat of the day. I made a tray of some healthy and yummy food and went off to the garden. A low stone bench in the perennial border was the perfect spot to lay out a petite breakfast table.

A vintage snack plate with tiny purple violets and a matching cup hold the mornings first cup of coffee and some in season fruit.

Adding mint as a garnish or for a hint of fresh minty taste is a summer pleasure! Planting mint in terracotta pots in the ground ensures a plentiful harvest that won't invade the garden. For a tutorial on planting, growing and taming mint click HERE.

A vintage rich purple sherbert glass holds yogurt sprinkled with StoneGable granola and fresh mint Using pretty things such as this sherbert glass is an inexpensive everyday luxury!

 Click HERE for this delicious and nutty granola recipe. It is so popular in my home that I keep a big jar filled with it out on my counter.

A homemade no sew purple napkin is caught up with another white damask napkin in a pewter bunny napkin ring. Thank heavens this little bunny is the only one in the garden! To see a mitered corner napkin tutorial click HERE.

The inspiration for breakfast in the garden this morning was, of course, the sweet peas.  The small glass vase was the very first thing I ever bought at an auction when I first set up housekeeping. Worn from years of use both in my household and someone elses, it still holds great sentimental value!

Breakfast in the garden was a simple delight!

The Garden Girls:

Thanks to the garden girls Verna and Viola! They are kind, hard working, generous friends who work tirelessly in their garden and share it's bounty with all who come to visit! And this is only 1 of their MANY talents

 I won't tell how old they are, but I hope I have half the energy and love for life that they do when I am their age!

I am joining Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for Tablescape Thursday. Susan is the most lovely hostess and she also has a generous and creative spirit. Thanks Susan!