A couple year ago I received a china tea cup bird feeder from a dear friend. What a beautiful gift!

I am so excited to show you how to make this unique addition to the garden...

These little tea cups bring a touch of surprise and delight among the flowers! And they bring birds!

Not only can they be filled with birdseed, but tea lights can be placed in them and they become tiny glowing lights after dark.

With a small amount of materials and very little cost you can have a one of a kind romantic bird feeder in your garden... Or you can give it to a friend!


China Tea Cup Bird Feeder
tea cup and saucer
medium grade sand paper
1/2 inch copper pipe
1/2 inch copper end cap
marine epoxy

Purchase inexpensive tea cups. I bought mine  for 97cents at Goodwill. The will suffer the elements so this is not a project to use great grandmother's heirloom china. Although they are not the prettiest china I've ever used they will look lovely in the garden.

Cover a work area. I cut apart brown bags and use them to protect my work surface. Turn cups over and rough up the bottom rim of the cup where it will meet the saucer with sandpaper. Rough up the saucer.

Read all the directions that come with  the epoxy. Mix according to directions and using a toothpick spread it on the bottom rim of the teacup. (Next time I do this I am looking for a clear epoxy. This is what was recommended, but it remained grey.)  Position the cup on the saucer. Let set until completely hardened.
Wipe up any stray epoxy according to package directions.

Once the cup is fixed to saucer rough up the top of the copper tube end cap. Put epoxy on the cap and place in the center of the saucer bottom.

Let it to
tally dry.

I purchased a 10 foot 1/2 inch copper pipe. Using a pipe cutter I cut 2- 3 1/2 foot pipes... and 1- 3 foot pipe. This was very easy... even for my first time!

Find a pretty spot in your garden.

Secure the pipe in the ground and slip the copper pipe end cap over the pipe. Fill the cup with birdseed.

I paid a visit to my garden mentors. Their beautiful garden seemed to be the perfect spot to show off these pretty feeders.  These dear women are so generous with their garden and time. They welcome many groups and organization for tours all summer long.

One of the tea cups seemed to find a home in the cocks comb! It wanted to stay!

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