This summer's theme for my front porch is SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY. Even though I am not southern by birth... I like to think that I have a southern soul.

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY is a nod to my new daughter-in-law and her wonderful family! And hospitality starts at the front door. 

So grab yourself some sweet tea and come up on the porch...

Nothing says "welcome to my home" like a big lush wreath on the front door. 

The large urns flanking the front door were filled with blue hydrangeas this year.  They remind me of the south for some reason! Maybe because Southern Living Magazine is filled with them this year!

Because I didn't want the wreath to compete with the beauty of the hydrangeas as they fill in and bloom, I kept it lush with lots of greens and just a touch of white blooms to add a little interest.

Of course, what is more southern than a monogram?  

Our monogram fills the center of the wreath.

Can you see the etched letter "P" on the right sidelight? The second widow from the top...  I saw this done in Savannah and loved it so much that I had one placed in my window too! 

As I say... My front door is always open to friends... old and new!

Look for an upcoming tutorial about putting together this summery southern inspired wreath.

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