Every year in the cold month of February I start dreaming about summer flowers! 

My thoughts turn to planting the pots around the porch... a wonderful diversion from the frosty, windy weather outside!

This year's theme and flowers are VERY different than anything I have ever done...

This weekend I planted ENDLESS BLOOM hydrangeas in my newly painted urns. Look for an upcoming post about painting a pot to look aged.

The theme for this year's front porch is SOUTHERN BELLE.  I want a porch that bids a big southern welcome to all who visit... even thought I am a northern girl!

Hydranges are my pick for the porch this year!

For some reason these showy old fashioned flowers remind me of the grace of the south!

Endless Beauty is an everblooming hydrangea... it should bloom from spring right through autumn.  The flowers can change colors too... from pink to blue.  I am keeping my soil a little on the acidic side so the blooms will stay blue. I think blue will look pretty against the Pennsylvania limestone facade of StoneGable.

Hopefully, the plant will fill in the pot and big moppy headed blooms will spill over it...

Right before the first frost I'll take them out of their urns and plant them in the garden. Next spring I can put them back in their urns on the porch... at least that is what our very reliable garden center employee says!

The spring forsythia wreath will be replaced today with a summer wreath with a more southern belle feel!

Here's one more glimpse of the forsythia wreath...

I'm excited to see how these urns look as summer progresses!