I am slowly finding pieces for the dining room. For me, it takes time. New things, shuffling things, adding things, editing things, painting things, sewing things... all to update our dining room.

On a recent trip to Williamsburg, Va. I found a new planter for the buffet...

It is a stylized pineapple... the Southern sign of hospitality! Even thought I don't hail from the south... I like to think I have the heart of a southerner!

When I found this artful looking pineapple planter I just had to bring it home to live in my dining room. I could not wait to plant a fluffy lacy fern in it!

I feel so sorry for any plant that comes into my home. I sorta consider them long lasting cut flowers... just greener. Poor plants, they have less than a 50-50 chance of surviving for any length of time.

The little silver shell came from Savannah (I always say, Savannah is like finding the MOTHERSHIP!!!!)... also a stop our trip.

I switched up the lamp (HomeGoods) on the buffet with the one in the foyer. I think it's size and visual weight works better in the dining room.

For now, I added a plate stand stacked with white dishes and covered them with a cloche. I'm not sure how long it will stay here. I have something else in mind... if only I could find it!

Two silver candle sticks flank the plates. The candles are battery operated and give off a pretty soft glow in the evening.

I would like to add a gilded framed chalkboard to the buffet vignette. It would be fun to write menus on it when we have company.

Next week I'll be sewing the curtains!!!