Yes, you read that right! The time to think about next year's Christmas decorations is this year!!!

It will save you lots of time and energy (and stress) if you just do a couple of things this year to prepare for next.

 I can almost read your thoughts... "I am way to ________________ (fill in the blank), I can hardly get through THIS Christmas.

That's why we should be thinking about next year... NOW!  Here's what I mean...

As I am ooohing and aaahing my way through my favorite blogs or perusing Pinterest I'm always finding tons and tons of inspiration. I come across so many wonderful ideas every day.

Like this brilliant and so festive Jingle Bell Strap from THE WOOD GRAIN COTTAGE.

Christmas Home Tour 2013 by The Wood Grain Cottage
The Wood Grain Cottage

I knew I would love to make this for my mudroom next year. I can probably get the jingle bells on sale after Christmas and tuck them away to make next year.


 here's the problem... I will probably forget all about the great jingle bell strap or not know where I put the bells I bought to make it by next Christmas.

So, to help my poor memory I set up a "PRIVATE" board on Pinterest and called it "Christmas 2014".

If you don't know how to make a private Pinterest board... I have instructions at the end of this post.

DIY Jingle Bell Strap by The Wood Grain Cottage

Now you are probably asking, "Why do I need to create a private Christmas board when I already have a public Christmas board"?  Great question.

If I were to put an idea I want to use next Christmas in my regular Christmas board I would NEVER remember it! I want only the Christmas ideas in my private Christmas board that I'll probably be making next Christmas.


I created a private board so I can leave myself notes in the description box that I don't want the world to see!


Take this very creative clay pot Christmas tree for example.

We are having our patio redone this spring and I would love to put one of these garden pot Christmas trees on my new patio wall in 2014. So cute!

So, I pinned it to my private board "Christmas 2014" and wrote a few notes to myself ... like...

"get pots at garden center" . And... love the basket of greens next to them. And... find source for sugar pine cones to use with the clay pot Christmas tree!


Here are a few inspirations in my private Christmas 2014 board that I am going to work on for Christmas 2014...


For the kitchen cabinets next year!


I'm in the hunt for a little cart to go on one side of my kitchen island. I would love to put a farmhouse inspired arrangement there for Christmas... always love Paperwhites!!!!

Christmas 2013 Guest Room

This would look great in the living room! I e-mailed Shirley to find out where she got it...  It's a Department 56 tree. So I wrote that down in the description box on Pinterest!

DIYChristmasSign thumb Outdoor Christmas Decorating: Sharpie Art Tree Sign

I love this project and the way Laura styled this! Something like this would look great on my side porch!

Twelve Dats of Christmas Trees {Sparkly Burlap Tutorial}

I like all these trees... but look in the background. See the little tree on the black pedestal?  I love love love the little one made of pinecones (I think). I wrote copious notes about how I would make this on my Christmas 2014 Pinterest board.

Wouldn't a trio of these look adorable?

Delighful Door Knocker

How easy is this sweet idea.  I wrote "Convert into a decoration to go on the door handles of the front door and bedrooms". So so easy and what a darling Christmas detail!

Beautiful, warm, winter-holiday decorating idea: scarves as table runners; wood risers for candles in hurricanes; red berries to pick up the scarf colors. Holiday warmth!

This is my all time favorite Christmas table! I just may try to copy the whole thing next year! Christmas outdoor dining! This would work on my porch!

I'm sure you get the idea!
Get those inspiring images into a Pinterest board that is for your eyes only so you won't forget!!!!

These boots were inspired by wellies filled with cherry blossoms I found on Pinterest.

But look at the inspiration I have for next year!!!!


Aren't these just adorable! I love the little nest tucked in the top of the wellies!!!! I just love everything Mary does!

I hope this idea inspires you to get a jump start on thinking about next year's Christmas decorations, while enjoying all the fabulous Christmas things you see on the blogs and Pinterst this year! I call it "RESEARCH"!


For those of you who have a Pinterest site but don't know how to set up a Private Board...

In the top Pinterest header... way over to the right side you should see your name (or what you have named your Pinterest site). Click on it.  In the drop-down box that appears click on "YOUR PROFILE AND PINS". You should now be on a page that shows you all of your Pinterest Boards.

Scroll to the very bottom of the page and find an area called "Secret Boards" with a little lock icon.

Now all you do is click on a box that says "Create Your Own Boards" and another box will appear... fill in the info and you have your own "SECRET BOARD" that only you can see!

Use it to plan Christmas 2014!


One more thing... PLEASE, PLEASE , PLEASE try to find the correct source of each image you pin. Someone worked very hard so you can enjoy all this inspiration!

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