Pillow Love:

I have a not so secret love affair with pillows. They create warmth, beauty, an affordable face lift, and a welcoming atmosphere. They have a definite hold on me. All shapes, all colors, most designs. The more the merrier is my mantra!

Especially apt to give me fits of delight are beds full of soft, piled high pillows! I am NOT a minimalist, no not at all. I love detail and things that entertain my eyes. I have an affinity for color but appreciate the serenity of monocromatic themes as long as there are interesting things going on to keep my visual attention. I think that is why a bed full of beautifully picked pillows fixates me!

My bed is full of pillows. My bedroom is very traditional with a blue-white-yellow color palate. Symetrical placement of the pillows continues the traditional feel. These pillows have been bed buddies with me for years. Collecting new ones ocassionally as the need arises to replace worn and well-loved one.

Time honored color and clasic style is the look I want displayed in my inner sanctuary. I am very comfortable with yellow and the addition of blue and white speaks calmness and order to me. Something I need in my bedroom.

Toile and Flow Blue inspired pieces are repeated elements in my bedroom decor. The pillows reflect that as well. Yellow and soft gold in the pillows bring in the wall and floor color as well  the comforter.

Don't you just want to jump in?

I am joining Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses for her "Pillow Party"- ooooooh how fun!


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