Winter White Wreath:

In my area, many people keep their Christmas wreaths up on their front door for the month of January. All other signs of Christmas are long gone, but a Christmas door wreath is something to be enjoyed through January.

This year, I wanted to make a clean sweep of all things Christmas, and had a fancy to make a winter white wreath for my front door. Because our home sits alone in the middle of farmland amidst gently rolling hills, the winter winds can really whip around us. I need a wreath that would be sturdy and secure to withstand any wind. We are somewhat protected from the elements thanks to our wrap-around porch, but I used materials that could withstand anything mother nature could throw at us- and usually does!

Winter Wreath Tutorial:

"twiggy" wreath- grapevine, willow, spray painted soft white
white plastic "paper coin" branches
silver leaves, I bought a garland after Christmas and  cut it up
hot glue gun
wire cutters
dust buster*
garbage bags*
I decided not to use the Spanish Moss or the white moss. I am making another white wreath and will use it for that one.


Spray paint a wreath soft white.  I used the spray can with some self control. I didn't want the whole wreath to be totally flat white. I left some areas just barely sprayed, and some untouched.  I did spray the ends of the wreath quite heavily. I thought they would "get lost" in the total visual affect if they did not stand out. The overall look though, is white with depth and interest.

I was surprised that spraying the wreath white made each individual twig so noticeable. Pretty!

*NOTE: This is a messy project- so USE YOUR DUSTBUSTER! I lothe doing a project and having to take as long to clean up as to do the project. I have found if I clean as I go- the mess is soooooo much more manageable, and my project is more enjoyable.  Toss everything into a garbage bag at hand as you work.

*NOTE #2: While I am standing on my soapbox, keep your work area, tools and elements of your project orderly. It saves time and clutter kills creativity (at least mine!).

Cut spray of coins into individual small bunches. Some are longer and have quite a few coins, and some are short with just a couple coins on them.  Use the long stems first.

Using your hot glue gun generously, afix stem between twigs, towards the middle or back of the wreath.

Glue stems around the whole wreath, not too close together, for the first layer.

Glue coin stems around the surface of the wreath for a subtle second layer of coins. Compare to previous picture.

Cut silver leaves into clumps. Beginning at the inside rim of the wreath, using hot glue liberally, afix silver leaves.

Continue to glue silver leaves in the inside rim of the wreath. Every here and there glue a longer stem of leaves to the twigs further up the wreath.

As you work around the wreath leave an empty space between the leaves at 6 o'clock, 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock on your wreath (as if it were the face of a clock). These will be filled in with white coins. Fill the inside rim of the wreath with silver leaves.

Wire small clusters of silver coins together to have a nice little bunch. Glue coin clusters into the empty spaces between the silver leaves at 6  o'clock, 10 o'clock, and 2 o'clock.

Continue to add little touches of coins and leaves till you are happy with the balance look of the wreath.I tend to go a little over-the-top, so I have to be very aware when enough is enough!

Clean up any glue spider webs. I always give my wreath a good shake to detect any loose elements. Re glue anything that moves too much. I give my wreaths a once over with a critical eye. 

Hang and Enjoy!

I have a problem that I would like your good advice and imput on. Because of the winds that whip around my home, I have to keep my wreaths tightly fixed to my door. I would love this wreath positioned further down on my door and tied on with a burlap or white satin ribbon. I now use a wreath hanger that is screwed into the inside  of the door. I have tried a suction- but that did not work. I have put a screw with a hook in my old door. But then I cannot adjust longer arrangements. Help! Any advice! Thanks!!!

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