A Wreatrom Leftover

Leftovers are a wonderful thing! 
They are like freebies. 

Using the leftovers of my first winter white wreath, and two  grapevine wreaths I already had, I created a second winter white wreath. Similar in elements, but with a different more earthy feel. Just perfect for my another outside door!

Not only was this wreath free, but very easy to make. I'll show you how...

Wreath Materials:

2 grapevine wreaths- one slightly smaller than the other- spray pained flat white
silver leaves- I bought a Christmas garland and cut it up into individual bunches
white moss, or Spanish moss
white cotton covered wire
hot glue
wire cutters
dust buster
garbage bag


1. Paint 2 grapevine wreaths using flat white spray paint. I did not spray them a solid white and tried to show some restraint. I like the look of some parts of the wreath only being partially covered. It gives the wreaths depth.

2. Wire wreaths together, the smaller one on top of the larger one.  I have observed that the wreaths I love the best in design centers have double wreaths as their bases. It gives them heft! 

3. Liberally apply hot glue to the silver leaf bunches and glue between the two wreaths. Do this between the two wreaths all the way around.

4. Add bunches of silver leaves to the surface of the wreath here and there.  Remember to place some of the leaves on the inside rim of the wreath. 

To secure the leaves stick them between the branches of the wreath. 

Add white moss. Glue all things very well as you go.

Continue around the wreath adding silver leaves and white moss. I like the grapevine wreath showing so I tried very hard not to over do the bling!

When you are happy with the placement of the silver leaves and white moss, check  for glue spiders.
Give your wreath a good shake, and glue anything that is loose.

Hang and enjoy your "leftover" wreath!

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