Do you know Waldo... from Where's Waldo? He's the geeky looking guy who wears funny red and white clothes and hides in distractingly chaotic pictures so almost no one can find him. I am NOT a good Waldo finder. I get sensory overload. Everything on the page begins to look like Waldo. I think that is part of Waldo's evil plan.

Hey, I have a fun idea... Let's play Where's Waldo right now! Yea!

But not the red, black and white everywhere version that makes your eyes blurry and your frustration level go sky high. Let's play the EASY version. So easy, in fact, that we don't even have to find Waldo. No Waldo here!

Instead of finding Waldo let's try to find PINK (or even pink-ISH or close to pink) in every picture. And no busy distracting pictures either. No sir! Just beautiful peaceful lush pictures of  the Carribean.

Okay?... O-KAY! Let's begin!

How are you doing? Remember to keep score- 1 point for finding pink in a picture.  Ready for more- Good!

I think you are ready for "LEVEL TWO"!   Oooooooohhh!

Now for the BONUS ROUND...


Let's see how you did.

18   Perfectly Pink: You are a Pink genius! Obviously, you participate in Pink Saturday regularly.
10-17  Pretty Pink Good: You have a high sensitivity to all things pink (and might want to go on a Carribean Vacation).
5-9    Pink Participation Challenged: Although you must be a wonderful person, you are not highly skilled in all things pink. You need to immerse yourself in Pink Saturday. Visit all the friendly sites- leaving sweet comments- and hone your pink awareness.
4-1 Pink Panic Allert! I am so sorry to you must be pink color blind! But don't dispare- blue is a lovely color too.
0 Okay, busted! I know you didn't look at my vacation pictures!

A big thank you to all who played today, Happy Pink Saturday!

I am participating in Pink Saturday with my dear friend Beverly at


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