It is almost Cherry Blossom time in Washington DC! According to the National Cherry Blossom Festival the beautiful cherry trees will be blooming in the DC Tidal Basin from March 31- April 11. The peak time to see this national natural treasure will be from April 3-8. If at all possible, take a trip to see this breathtaking sight! It will not disappoint!

But if you can't get to them... I'll help the cherry blossoms come to you! Here's a Spring Wreath with bunches and bunches of Cherry Blossom impact that is very easy to make...

StoneGable Cherry Blosson Wreath
florist wire
2  willow wreath, same size
hot glue
faux cherry blossoms
wire cutters
ribbon to hang wreath

Wire the two wreath together.  Wire at 12,3,6 and 9 o'clock on the wreath. This makes your wreath have depth. It will look so much nicer when it is done.

Cut Cherry Blossom branches  into individual long stems. Save all small bunches for detail on wreath.

Beginning in the back third of the wreath glue a cherry blossom stem on an angle that corresponds with the way the willow twigs are going. Liberally glue the bottom of the stem and push it deep into the wreath to secure it.

Using the same technique, glue a cherry blossom stem towards the front of the wreath.

Continue this technique around the wreath.

Once the blossoms have been glued to wreath, make sure they look even and ballanced.  Fill in any gaps with small bunches.

Using small bunches or single blooms, work on the inside of the wreath. Glue Cherry Blossoms to the inside edge of the wreath to create a full and finished look.

When you are happy with the overall look, shake the wreath to find any loose stems and re-glue. Pull off any glue webs.

Tie with a soft pink satin ribbon. Hang. (For photographic purposes I hung the wreath on my pantry doors. It was raining and blowing at StoneGable so hard it was even coming in my covered porch. I will hang it outside when this storm blows over.)


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