The word "bagatelle" is a french word meaning "something of little importance or value".  A musical sounding word! 

Here is a fall bagatelle, a little something to share with you.

When I was in the Hamptons last weekend I stopped by a shop called "The Elegant Table". Of course I had to go in. A lovely shop filled with pretty things. They were having a sale. There was a sign that said, "All tea cups $10.00". And another sign read,"All plates $5.00". Bagatelles for sure!

This beautiful tea cup, with birds and foliage was part of that display. I was so captivated by it!

Look at the scene!

And when I turned it over I noticed the retail price...

Yes, it does say $115.00. I asked the pleasant sales clerk if this tea cup was really  on sale for $10.00. She said, "Yes, all the tea cups are".

There were 5 other gorgeous cups and saucers. I picked up all 5. Two of the cups and saucers were $135.00 a piece! I have some plans for them that I will show later.

I also picked up 2 bags of stunning plates. Look for a tablescape on Thursday using some of the china plates!

I knew that I wanted to fill this delicate tea cup with bagatelles of nature. Little this and thats!

I have a penchant for collecting "little nothings" and putting them together to make "a little something".

My fall tea cup holds acorns gathered from a trip to the mountains, tiny pinecones, star anise, small sprays of berry beads, a waxed leaf from my sugar maple, a faux leaf and a little round faux orange studded with real cloves and a star anise crown.

The juxtaposition of the fine bone china cup and natural  earthy elements is so intriguing. One elevates the other... but which one?

My little bagatelle has found a home in my dining room. 

There is great beauty and simple pleasures in "little nothings"!

I am participating in Pink Saturday. A big thank you to our hostess, Beverly. This week Pink Saturday has taken on an orgage...ish hue! Happy Halloween
I am joining Holly at 504 Main for Tickled Pink.
504 Main


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