Here at StoneGable the change of season gives me a reason to create a new wreath. 

I love the saturated color of fall... the warm hues and the wonderful textures!

This wreath is overflowing with autumnal abundance!  

It's really quite easy to make a big full FALL PUMPKIN WREATH... I'll show you step by step...

StoneGable Fall 2010 Wreath Tutorial

2 large wreaths
3 glitzy pumpkins
5 large picks of orange/brown berries
4 large picks of earthy colored ball "berries"
2 packages of crape paper like fall leaves
3-5 picks assorted brambly berries and leaves
2 bags of pine cones and acorns
3 large pine cones
2 large stems, brown gourd pods
3 feather picks
2 packs of assorted feathers
odds and ends leaves and berries

florist wire
hot glue
dust buster

 Begin by wiring 2 grapevine wreaths together. This will make your wreath big and lush!

Because I wanted the whole wreath to be filled in, I sectioned the wreath into thirds and glued a large pick of rusty colored berries to the wreath.

Add additional variegated large berry/ball pics in between the original 3 picks.

This now sections off the wreath and makes little areas to work with. I find this much easier than trying to work on the whole wreath at one time.

Add pumpkins up against the original 3 berry pick

Tuck leaves under the pumpkins, crinkling them to give them visual life.

Add pine cones. I decided to use only 2 large ones and 1 grouping of small pine cones in place of the 3rd large pine cone, again for more interest.

Begin to fill in the gaps between each section with berries,leaves. feather pics,  pine cones and acorns. Continue to fill in and layer elements until the wreath is abundant and filled with visual interest.

Hang wreath and continue to fill in while looking at it in a vertical position.  This is a very important step.  Because the wreath will be viewed in an upright position, make sure there are no gaps or visual unbalance in the wreath when it hangs. I added feathers once the wreath was vertical. It was easier to position them.

Shake wreath and re-glue all loose pieces.  Fluff and hang in the perfect spot!

Hang and enjoy!

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