It is almost Pumpkin time at StoneGable... Almost! Tucked between the sun and fun of lazy August days and the falling leaves, crisp breezes and pumpkins of October is Orchard Time!

Beautiful apples, luscious grapes and fragrant perfumy pears! September is a wonderful celebration of fruitful bounty!

Apples and grapes have had their 15 minutes of fame and now the pear is in the spotlight. Delicate and dripping with honey-laced flavor, the pear is worth a table all it's own.

The pears are the true stars of this Autumnal table. Hand painted pear bowls grace each place setting. They are recycled from a post last year. Every element of this table is something I had in my cupboards and used on past posts. I just recycled them, so to speak, to create this tribute to the pear.

The pear bowl sits on a trio of eclectic dishes. The edges and shapes of each dish are very different... this adds to the mismatched feel I love. It is the color of each dish that pick up the a color in the hand painted pear and becomes the unifying element.

To continue the natural feel, each place was set with a twiggy place mat. Vintage flatware with smooth, warm amber handles sit between the grooves of mats.

Three seckle pears and a tiny candle sit at each place as a personal vignette. The pears, at their luscious peak, are a take home gift for each guest to eat and remember their evening at StoneGable. I think their form and color are so beautiful!

Two little wreaths work together to make a statement of a napkin ring! Twiggy birch and a faux golden bittersweet wreaths gather up the napkins. This is an over-the-top treatment that I just love! It brings such pizzazz!  Earthy meets glam!

The centerpiece  is shared by 2 pear elements. A large decorative pear sits upright and larger than life.

 An arrangement of several varieties of pears are nestled in a twiggy birch wreath on a turned pedestal. Bosc, Green Anjou, Bartlett and Forelle pears become a feast for the eyes!

The pears are real, the leaves faux. Aren't they exquisite. The blush on the Forelle pairs are captivating!

Bubble glasses are a StoneGable favorite. These, in amber, continue the gold color theme in the table.

Green glazed pots filled with popcorn become interesting candles.

The overall look is warm and organic with a touch of old world color and feel.

 At StoneGable pears are artistic delights and culinary wonders!

The Menu
Mixed Greens with Sliced Pears, Spiced Pecans and Bleu in a Poppyseed Dressing
Pork Chops With Smoked Gouda and Bacon
for recipe click here and look on Wednesday's menu
Whipped Potatoes
Roasted Root Vegetables

with pear overtones
Coffee andTea


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