Is your home a barnyard? No I don't mean messy... although sometimes StoneGable certainly qualifies for that moniquer. I am joining my dear friend Lynn at Happier Than A Pig In Mud for a Barnyard Bash!

I didn't really think that I had many "barnyard" friends hiding out in my home... but Oh my, I was wrong!!!! There were little and big critters hiding out in full view all over my house. It was surprising.

The barnyard critters that are nearest and dearest to my heart are my kitchen chair pads. I love to rug hook. Designing, dying wool and turning an idea into something creative and real is such a kick for me.

The rooster  resides at my husbands spot.. Bobby is not a  rooster kind of guy (more like a teddy bear), but I want him to think that he rules the roost!

The chair pads are coordinated through the borders, colors and general theme.

The bunny graces my daughter's seat. If you look closely they have been well loved. The loops no longer stand up like little rows of soldiers. Now they have sorta melted into each other. These pads should last for generations. The older they get the more muted they will become.

Each design is outlined in white to make each element pop! The backgrounds are all a french vanilla.

The art of rug hooking is to make subtle color and pattern changes within each scene. A swirly pattern is so much fun to produce!

The sheep is my son's. He is a shepherd of God's flock. Never did I realize that the squirmy funny little blond boy who sat on this chair would be a gentle leader. Fitting! The sheep was my favorite to hook.

I love bees! So naturally I made a bee chair pad. This was my favorite to design. My work is usually traditional primitive as most rug hooked pieces are... but I am a little crazy with color. I love working with color.

So now you have met the menagerie of creatures that live on the kitchen chairs.

Please join in the barnyard fun and visit Happier Than A Pig In Mud for Barnyard Bash.


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