Cherished mornings at StoneGable start off very early with a great cup of coffee, bible study, catching up on e-mail, writing, laundry and the morning news.

Once in a while, when I am feeling bombarded by information, demands and stress I shut out the outside world and make a delightful breakfast and serve myself on a pretty tray.Tarrying over something delicious and nutritious, I can pray, read, look out the window, breathe deeply and regroup. Life is too precious to wallow~ in anything negative!

A little pampering with simple pleasures and a couple of exta minutes to reflect on my blessings will give me the right attitude for my day!

I have needed that luxury this week.

Simple and organic, my breakfast tray holds a stack of green and white dishes.

A green leaf bowl and plate continues the natural theme. A granny smith apple sits in the leaf bowl. I love their tart sassy flavor!

French Leaves decorate the tray. The real leaves are not yet turning here. I am a huge fan of French Leaves. They come in a variety of colors and different leaves. I use them under cheeses, desserts, soups, between plates and to decorate a table. They add a gracenote to any table~ no matter how humble.

A short walk out in my garden produces these happy marigolds and purple globes.  I plant many varieties of marigolds ever year in honor of my grandmother. They were her favorite. And I must admit I am very fond of them too! This is the perfect vase to hold the marigolds. The wide top allows for the lush foliage.

Simple cotton napkins in colors that coordinate with the tea towel that acts as a placemat are gathered up in a natural woven napkin ring with green accents.

I got up early this morning and baked Raw Apple Muffins with Streusel Topping. My whole kitchen smelled so delicious! The muffin sits in a leaf dish and a french leaf is tucked in between.  I am so looking forward to eating this with my coffee. YUMMY! The recipe and how-to's will be on my blog Thursday evening.

My Luckett's birch basket hold all the breakfast essentials, except my coffee. That stays in my hand!!!

I pulled out 2 new books to peruse and a summer issue of a magazine I wanted to rip apart. I am NOTORIOUS for having piles and files of articles, pictures and ideas ripped out of back issues of magazines!

With some beautiful music wafting through StoneGable, a good breakfast and some leisurely reading, I'm feeling much more like myself. I'm  ready to meet my day with a little prayer of thanks for the time I had to regroup today!

The Menu
Coffee with milk and splenda
Raw Apple Muffins With Streusel Topping
Granny Smith Apple


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