My favorite time in the vegetable garden at StoneGable is evening... just an hour before dusk. The colors seem so vibrant with the long rays of the setting sun streaming low over the garden.  

My camera is my constant companion, so I captured how my garden is growing...

 The garden has had a wonderful start... lots of sun, plenty of rain and good compost. We just had a big thunderstorm and the dirt has splashed EVERYWHERE!  That's life in the garden!!!!

The lettuces are thriving...

The Vidalia onions were planted early and have enjoyed quite a growth spurt...

The Candy Sweet onions and leeks were planted a couple weeks later, but they will catch up in no time!

The Rhubarb is big and hearty and loves being thinned. Look for a Rhubarb Cobbler recipe next week. My long-time friend and gardener extraordinaire, Eileen gave me this prolific plant! Thanks, Eileen!

We have tomatoes! Our early girl tomatoes will be ready to pick soon! This is great news to me as I only eat summer tomatoes!

We will have sour cherries soon, too!  My husband loves my sour cherry jam.

New to the garden this year are two barrel filled with flowers.

I filled them with the leftovers from potting my planters.

Colorful petunias, salvia, nasturtiums, lantana and verbena all have found a home out in the veggie garden!

This year we also added a couple of new birdhouses...

The finch house (foreground) sits in the middle of the garden, and the Martin house (background) is perched high on a long pole in my herb garden.

The Martin house is huge!!!! Think of it like an apartment building for an extended family of Martins.
Look for a post about my new Martin house coming soon!

The bird on the left is part of the weather vane, but the bird on the right is our resident Mockingbird.  He loves the new Martin house. He sits up there and entertains us with all of his mimicking calls. 

As we move into June, the garden will grow and change rapidly! Every day I will be able to see measurable differences.  And before long the zucchini will be prolific! Soon, this dirty little zucchini blossom with be a long slender zucchini... and then part of a great summer meal!

There is nothing better than going out to the garden to gather in dinner! 

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