The antique tool box on my kitchen island is my catch-all. Not as in clutter magnet or a place to put all things without a home... but a catch-all as in a place for important things I need during meal time. And it has taken on a lighter summery look...

I love having this caddy on my island... it is decorative and very useful too! Because I have a farmhouse kitchen my decor and philosophy is laid back and functional...just like this vintage, well worn tool box!

The "kitchen workhorses", my Mikasa Italian Countryside dinner plates, are there to grab and when I am ready to put dinner on the plates! It makes me feel like a short-order cook!

 Salad plates in the same pattern are my most used dishes. They are easy to grab and go!

A small white pedestal hold a couple of sweet white bowls that are filled with tomatoes! I love to show off my produce. They are like a bouquet of flowers!

 As I use up the tomatoes they might be replaced with different white bowls to hold tiny zucchini or a small glass mason jar filled with fresh picked herbs ready to be used in a recipe.

These small blue and white plates are truly a favorite of mine. I love their size... and color!!!
If I need a spoon rest, I grab one. If I need to set a small pitcher of milk or syrup on something, I grab one! If I want to eat a breakfast cookie, I grab one! 

They look so pretty against all of my white dishes! They are easy to reach and close at hand in the tool caddy!

Old silver flatware and silver measuring spoons can be found in a pretty little white pitcher.
Why does coffee taste better when it has been stirred with a silver spoon! Ice cream tastes better too.. 

A larger ironstone pitcher holds vintage flatware with honey colored handles. These make me swoon!  Using them when just Bobby and I are eating is a simple luxury!

Next month they will be replaced with red, white and blue pieces. 

White napkins with a fun ric-rac trim are folded and laid across the edge of the toolbox. If a friend stops by for coffee or my mom comes to lunch I will have nice pressed napkins on hand!

Annabelle hydrangeas bloom in riotous bursts around our front porch.  Don't they  pair beautifully with astillbe?  A big white pitcher is filled with this snowy and showy profusion! Fresh flowers are a must at StoneGable in the summer!

The kitchen tool caddy is filled with light, bright, seasonal things I use everyday! 

Even everyday things should be beautiful!

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