It's more of an obsession, really! I have embraced the the ironstone trend and come full circle.

My first set of dishware as a college student was ironstone. I loved ironstone then as much as I do now.

For me, collecting is not a frenzied, rushed hunt. It has been slow and enjoyable and deliberate. Choosing some pieces and passing up others. Delighting in each piece as if finding a small treasure. 

Here are a few recent creamy. dreamy finds...

My favorite haunts to find ironstone are antique shops, second hand shops and discount stores.

I like original old ironstone, but I am not limited to the vintage type.  It's a mix and match collection... that really defines how I go about most decorating!  Old and new,  pricey and inexpensive, nothing matchy matchy.... lots of interest.

Pitchers tend to catch my eye! I love their shape!

Amber handled flatware finds a home in another ironstone pitcher.

Large bowls are trickier to find. I love the classic lines of this big bowl!

My most recent find, this squat small gravy boat came home with me for $2.00. I think it is adorable. We use it as a spoon rest near our coffee station.

It rests on a set of fluted ironstone plates, a Luckett's find! I am captivated by any dish with an interesting edge!

The ironstone fits nicely into another recent buy... a large round basket from St. Michael's on the Chesapeake Bay.  

I will get lots of use from this sturdy basket! And speaking of baskets... that is my other love!

I have some errands to run this afternoon... I just might have to stop by one of my favorite antique shops and look for another piece of ironstone for my collection!

What do YOU collect?

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