I had a busy and productive weekend! I made my very first pair of fully lined "professional" curtains and matching euro shams.  The project was time consuming but very easy and rewarding. It was a BIG job! The hardest part of the project was thinking things through! Measure twice  sixteen times cut and sew once!

I think this room, our Gable Guest Bedroom, is a little gem! It is such a cozy room. Many of our repeat guests say that the Gable Room is there favorite room to stay in. With it's hight vaulted ceiling and big window that pours in light, it is cozy and bright all at the same time...

This window was interesting to dress! Because of the arched window, curtains look best when they are at the same height as the top of the window... or just slightly higher. So these are 9+ feet long curtains.

The second issue was the closet on the right side of the picture. There is just a 5 inch space between the end of the window frame and the closet. I needed curtains that would look full enough to frame the window BUT  not cover up most of it. This room is so full of great light! (The images suffer in quality because of the bright light coming through the window~ I need to work on that photo technique).

This is a beautiful fabric! Very much like a raw silk~ a little textured with small runs of nubs but not with any sheen. And it was a dream to work with... thank goodness!

The curtains are hung on two separate curtain rods. I did not want the distraction of a curtain rod going all the way across the top of the window.
The rod is simple and made of a darker pewter colored metal. It mirrors the color of the frame next to it.

This is my antique room. Every piece of furniture in this room is either vintage or an antique. 

I wanted the white plates above the window to draw the eye up... some are old milk glass and others are just pretty plates with cutwork I liked.

I am rethinking the arrangement... more to come, I 'm sure!

I am also rethinking the vignette on the little antique drop-leaf table in front of the window. I moved a beloved OLD rabbit lamp to the table, and it really is quite at home in this bedroom.

I am looking for a basket I can whitewash and stick under the table... it looks too dark to me right now.

Look for an upcoming post on my new vignette, DETAILED tutorial on making euro shams and how I made up the bed in this room.

I have plans to finish the ballet chair that sits in the corner of the room... but not until I get back from my Annie Sloan painting class next week. I'll share all about that too! Right now the little chair is Scandinavian Pink and waiting for a top coat of white.

As always, I love the Gable Room to be filled with guests! It will FINALLY be finished  (are we really ever finished) for our next guests!

Now I am off to paint another bedroom... I am expecting a VERY exciting piece of furniture to arrive for that room tomorrow... wait and see!

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