I have been on a journey... a very L-O-N-G journey!

I have been on the search for the perfect sofa.  It has taken me to every furniture store and specialty shop within a 150 mile radius.

I have looked at dozens of catalogs and design books!

And, NOTHING! I could not find THE ONE!  Close... but not exactly what I wanted!

 I get an idea of exactly what I want and cannot get it out of my mind! But it is more than an idea... it is a FEELING! It has to feel just right! NO compromising...

My ideal sofa is white. And because it is white it must be slipcovered. And because it must be slipcovered it had to fit tight as a drum (no wrinkled, slouchy fabric).

My ideal sofa has a deep seat and big detachable pillows that will hold their shape. It cannot swallow me up when I sit down... it should be soft and firm all at the same time, which means foam core/ down wrapped!

I've been looking for sofa perfection for almost six months!

Then one day I saw a glimmer of sofa perfection when I opened my new Pottery Barn catalog. I never thought of buying a sofa from Pottery Barn!  Do people really DO that?

PB Comfort

So, off I went to Annapolis, to the Pottery Barn! They had lots of sofas. I felt a little bit like Goldilocks... "no, too small"... "too soft"... " too fill-in-the-blanks"..." too white"! Huh, wait... too white? Seeing a white (real brilliant white) sofa made me instantly decide that I did NOT want a white sofa, after all. I had lost that lovin' feeling for white sofas!

Soft off-white, natural or light flax suited me better~ I kept gravitating towards those colors! And because it was not dazzling white it did not need slipcovered after all! 

EUREKA! Goldilocks sofa hunting days were over! I found one that was "just right"!


PB Comfort Square Upholstered Sofa

The PB COMFORT sofa is the ONE!

It is soft and firm (foam core down wrapped), has back cushions that hold up, has a very deep seat, comes in a beautiful light colored flax fabrics, has a sturdy build... and is a very good price! Actually, a shockingly good price!

The PB people could not be nicer or more helpful! And I am a demanding customer! They worked with me and answered all of my questions and went far above and beyond ... we had fabric swatches strune across half of the store... or at least it seemed like it!

I even had a nice long chat with PB design services... they are very helpful!

 Thanks, PB people!!!

 I wish I could show you the  fabric choice for my perfect living room sofa. But you will just have to wait 10 weeks with me until it shows up in person... here at StoneGable!

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