I hope all of your are running to get one of your most prized possessions, your LABEL MAKER...  wave it in front of your computer screen! Look at those beauties!

How can one little machine bring such joy to my heart... and sanity to my life? I love the sound of a label being printed out and sticking the neat, clearly lettered label to something to give it order and a name!

Here are some tips and tidbits to help you get organized using your label maker...

Here is my workhorse-of-a-label-maker... I like the hand held version. I can carry it with me and use it anywhere!

One of the most obvious ways to use a label maker is for labeling file folders. Don't discount this... studies have shown that a printed label carries much more importance and weight than a hand written one!

I have two boxes of cords that I have NO idea what they are for... and I am afraid to throw them out just in case they may be to something very important... or someday Bobby will say, "Where is the so-and-so cord"?  I put those cords down in the basement in a labeled box.

But since getting my label maker, all incoming cords now get a label!

Here is a box that stays in my study and has the cords (LABELED) I use most often. 

Labels and plastic containers are a pair made for each other.... and organization!

I am always on the lookout for plastic containers on sale! 

Here, I have corralled my napkins and placemats ... they can really get out of hand! I keep them in plastic boxes in a little used bedroom closet.  Are you asking," How does she know what napkins are in what box"? Great question...

I'll show you that easy organizing system next week!

Label Makers work wonders in the kitchen too!  Paired  up with jars of all sizes, our pantries become neat and tidy!

My pantry was always a big mess of opened boxes. I was forever organizing and reorganizing it! I would find 3 boxes of cornmeal, or an empty box of navy beans... I just could not see what I had available.

So I started to put my dry goods in labeled jars. They look so pretty and neat when I open the pantry door... and they stay nice and fresh too! Now, I can readily see that I need more popcorn and rice on the next trip to the grocer's.

Like the plastic containers, I looked for them on sale... accumulating a couple at a time.

Here are some other creative ways to use your label maker...
~ label lunch meat containers with the expiration dates
~make address and shipping labels
~make nameplates for books, tapes, rakes, CD's, power tools, etc.  you lend to others
~When taking containers to pot luck dinners, school events, etc. label them in case you forget to pick them up. It will be easier for them to make their way back to you.
~label the back of pictures with names, dates and places. We can get forgetful over the years.
~When using a wall as a growth chart, use the label to record the date and height
~ label disposable drink glasses when having a party
~ make labels on index cards to make flash cards for children
~ make labels for prescription bottles... easier to read

If you have any other uses for this handy gadget let us know!

Remember... TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS goes live at 8:00 this evening!
See you then!

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