Choosing fabrics is my favorite part of decorating! I could spend hours looking through bolts of fabrics, books of swatches and racks of samples!

As many of you know I am redecorating my formal living room, dining room foyer and stairs.  This area is all connected and needs to be coordinated and flow... I want a casual elegant feel to the area.
New modern pieces mixed with traditional pieces that I could never replace nor want to. Neutrals with lots of textures and some architectural surprises to shake things up a little.

 I want to be able to live in these rooms, flopping down on the sofa to read or having my girlfriends over for a luncheon and lots of laughter!These will not be show rooms... they will have to work for their keep!

I wanted to give you a peek at what I have chosen so far...

These are the main fabrics for my dining room.  The swirl pattern is for the chairs I am reupholstering. If you miss the post on this ongoing saga, click HERE.

The dark gold/brown velvet is for pillows on the head chairs. the middle fabric (I am in love with it) is for drapes in the living room and dining room.  

This is one of  two head dining room chair. They almost perfectly matches the sofa.

Here is a peek at the dining room chairs I am painting...

This is the sofa in the living room...

And here is the fabric for two chairs in the living room and the wood finish.  The fabric is a textured chevron design.

Put these fabrics together and this is what my rooms will look like...

I will use the dining room fabric to make big pillows for the sofa. I love love love this fabric, too!

The living room chairs are a little "different" and outside of the box! I saw them about a month ago and could not get them out of my head! I chose them because they will not make my living room look staid or boring!

To see the chair click HERE.

I have a Chinese Chippendale chair that I got at Luckett's for just a few bucks. It has been waiting in the garage for about a year... it will soon be time for it to come inside! I am going to paint it black and put a cheetah print on it.

My side tables are black. One is a big square leather table with nail heads.  To see it, click HERE

And the other side table is about the same height, but will tuck nicely into a corner. To see it, click HERE.

I am now looking for a coffee table, area rug and a big piece to go against a wall.

I like the Factory Crate coffee table from Restoration Hardware... it bring in wood tones and is very industrial. A real unexpected piece.  But I don't like that price tag! To see it, click HERE. Too much... or too fabulous? I'm afraid I am enamoured with it now, but will tire of it after awhile. 

There's more... new foyer chandy, painted stairs, new paint on walls, stair carpet, slipcovering a little hall settee, a painted buffet...
 but I'll save all that for later.Right now I am waiting for Amazon to send me an upholstery staple remover. In the meanwhile I am busying myself with painting dining room chairs... Want to help?


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