Many of you know that we are doing some major redecorating here at StoneGable. The living room, dining room, foyer and front hall stairs are getting a much needed facelift! We are slow DYI'ers so don't expect a "reveal" in the very near future"!

Decor project, for me. tend to be like snowball... once I get in "decor mode" the snowball of inspiration rolls along gathering every home decor project in it's path!

I am always ten projects ahead in my mind...I cannot go to sleep at night because I am trying to figure out how to knock out the bathtub in the guest suite bedroom and replace it with a no walls shower... or I wonder what style of board and batten paneling I want on my main bathroom walls... or what color to paint my laundry room cabinets and would cork floors work in there... or how to decorate when we knock out the windows in the family room and replace them with double french doors.... 

Decorating is like a snowball rolling down a two mile hill of heavy wet snow gathering steam and every packed snowflake in it's path....

While I was in Ethan Allen last week to look at fabrics and an end table, I was stopped dead in my tracks by this buffalo checked chair! I knew where it's real home was! I was not looking for black and white buffalo head chairs for the breakfast area... but these were perfect!!!!

While choosing fabrics for the living room and carpet for the stairs I was so distracted by the thought of the buffalo checked chair sitting in a "room" nearby... I could hear it calling me! It was whispering sweet designing nothings in my ears!  The snowball had started....

So when my new friend Linda from EA came to StoneGable to bring the fabrics and carpet samples I had chosen... she brought this dreamy chair!!!

I love love love it!!!! 

 There was a wee problem, though... it's arms were too high to fit under my kitchen table. Did I mention how much I love it?

I am a buffalo plaid girl... and a black and white girl... and a comfy seat with the perfect arms for resting on girl!

It does come armless. But I just love its's sturdy arms and perfectly matched pattern and welting! Then the snowball got a little out of control... 

It wasn't long until I came up with a solution...

The breakfast room is too small anyway... we could always knock the wall out when we knock the family room wall out for the french doors!!! Then it would not matter if the darling black and white buffalo checked chair with perfectly wonderful arms and matching pattern and welting didn't totally fit totally under the table... wouldn't it look so cute slightly turned out from the table in a jaunty sassy way? 

I went from huge snowball to avalanche in no time flat!

Here is a little confession... Bobby has no idea about the giant decorating snowballs I create that will inevitably swallow him up too! He is a let's-make-one-little-snowball-at-a-time guy! I believe in the old adage, "ignorance is bliss"!  

So please don't tell him I have the next 10 years of decorating projects wrapped up in giant snowballs headed straight for our house! He will find out in soon enough!

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