Even though the wind is howling and the rain is pelting against my windows and it is brrrrrr... cold, I am thinking Spring!

Here at StoneGable, the birds are not building nests yet, but I am! These homemade nests are a bit messy but easy and fun to make! 

I'll show you how...

I started working on my potting bench outside, but the wind changed direction and I was getting soaked... even under my porch! So I brought this project inside to finish it.

If you can work outside or in a garage that might be best... it is a little messy... but very rewarding!


Spanish moss
green moss
sticks, twigs, grasses, hay, or any kind of natural fluff
dried leaves
spray adhesive
spray acrylic sealer in matt
tiny eggs and feathers (optional)

For this project I just took a walk around my yard picking up small sticks and twigs, breaking off spent Astilbe stalks, lemongrass stems (they look like hay) and dried leaves.

This is a very inexpensive project... most of the fluff comes from things that are right outside your door!

Form a handfull of Spanish moss into a roundish disc. I did this over the basin in my potting bench. Very messy! Do I keep saying "messy"? 

Hollow out the Spanish moss to form a loose nest shape.  

Spray adhesive all over the nest and work the Spanish moss into a more compact nest.  I did all adhesive spraying inside a small box.  

Begin to add green moss around the edges and in a few areas inside the nest hollow. Spray adhesive to make everything stick together.

Take the twigs, sticks, leaves etc and begin weaving them around the nest. Spray adhesive liberally to to hold together.   

Continue to add more natural material to the nest, like grasses and dried leaves.  Add more moss if needed. Don't forget to put some soft grasses or hay in the hollow of the nest. 

Remember to use spray adhesive to hold it all together.

(Now here's where I had to move inside... I was wet and shivering) Add eggs and a feather or two. I love the little aqua eggs with the Spanish moss nest... the colors play nicely together.

Once the adhesive is dry on the nest seal it with a matte finish spray sealer. This is best done outside. Let it dry completely

I found a big curly stick to slip under the nest to give the illusion it is on a branch.

I've made several nest to decorate StoneGable and to use in an upcoming Bridal Shower for my soon to be daughter-in-law.

These are SO much more economical than buying nest... and I think their brambly look is more fetching, don't you?

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