If you think I have disappeared, you can find me in here... in the dining room. Bobby and I have been painting the wainscoting, windows and the walls! 

What a big job!

We painted the wainscoting and windows the right color... Atrium White

 and the walls the wrong color.

I't is really a beautiful color... Benjamin Moore Natural Wicker... but it looks nothing like the sample pint we painted on the walls here and there! It has too much yellow.

I'm now trying a few other colors...

Sometimes it feels like I am splitting hairs, but each color picks up the "pinks" in the atrium white, the "warmth" of the hardwood floors and the light differently.

I got a very very good tip from a designer at our local Benjamin Moore. I had gotten 4 pint paint samples to brush on in several locations around our dining room and living room and found them VERY DIFFERENT than the small card samples... I'm not talking somewhat different... I'm talking VERY DIFFERENT!

Our local designer suggested that I take the big page samples and place them around the room.They would be a truer color, as pints of paint can sometimes be quite off color. Who knew?

I tested her theory by getting a sample of natural wicker, the color we had just painted on the wall.

Eureka! She was right! A perfect match!

I think I have narrowed my search down. If I want a very light wall I think I'll go with seapearl. And if I want a little contrast I'll go with sonnet.

I was thinking I just might paint the living room and dining room with seapearl and paint the foyer that adjoins  them in sonnet. Just thinking!

So for now I am painting. Hopefully by tomorrow we will have the dining room painted and I can move on to  painting and covering the chairs.

I'll keep you updated!

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