My fall tool caddy arrangement reminds me of soup.  

Yes, soup!

Soup came about as a way to use up all the leftovers...when nothing was wasted.

This fall arrangement was made from all the fall elements I had left on hand.

A few white pumpkins, some small gourds, a handful of leaves, some stray willow balls a quartet of Indian corn, a sprig or two of berries... and voila

A fall arrangement for my kitchen table...

I first filled the tool caddy with crumpled up brown paper bags. This fills up the bottom of the box and makes a nice bed for the rest of the fall elements.

Then I filled the caddy up to the brim with FALL! No real design in mind... just piled it all in!

Unlike most of my fall decor, this arrangement is resplendent with the bright and warm colors of fall.

It's abundant... and a little unkempt... like fall itself!

What do you do with your leftover fall decor?

How about making "Fall Soup Decor"?

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