Let's talk turkey! Well, not turkey literally... let's talk about Thanksgiving!

I recently did a survey on my FACEBOOK PAGE asking "What is your favorite holiday",and the majority of those that answered said Thanksgiving was their favorite!

Yet, I often feel that Thanksgiving gets squeezed out of the holiday limelight by Halloween and Christmas!

Here's an easy tutorial to help celebrate Thanksgiving and it's true meaning...

I found a burlap matted frame on sale at AC Moore and knew I would use it for the Thanksgiving Picture.

I also recently ordered a package of pressed oak leaves from NATURE'S PRESSED FLOWERS.

Frame + pressed oak leaves + Thanksgiving = Give Thanks Pressed Leaf Picture

What an easy and quick project... I'll show you how!


1 large frame
bristol board (from craft store)
pressed leaves
glue tape (like scrapbooker's use)
raised glue dots (again, scrappbooker's supplies)
computer and printer

1. Because my frame was large I bought a pack of Bristol Board from A.C. Moore. If your frame in smaller, you could use any heavy paper such as card stock.

2. Make the saying "GIVE THANKS" on a computer program, like Pic Monkey and print it out on a computer.

3.Using the GIVE THANKS paper, cut a circle large enough to fill the center of your picture, centering the words GIVE THANKS. 

I used an 8 inch plate as a template for my circle.

4. Sandwich the Bristol board between the cardboard backing and the mat of your picture and glue it down using glue tape or double sided sticky tape.

5. Center the cut out GIVE THANKS circle in the middle of thr mat and glue down with glue tape.

6. Using pressed leaves arrange a single layer of leaves around the Give Thanks circle. When it looks pleasing to you glue the leaves down with glue tape.

Now it's time to layer the leaves for a 3D effect. 

7. Put a glue dot on the back of a leaf and begin to fill in the wreath. 

8. Layer leaves flat and raised.

9. Here is a picture of half the wreath done. Continue around the circle until it is filled in with flat lying and raised leaves.


I'm hanging my GIVE THANKS PRESSED LEAF PICTURE in the foyer... so that everyone who comes to StoneGable will be reminded to GIVE THANKS!

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