I worked all last weekend to finish the curtains in the living room.

 I've was dreading and putting off this project for at least 6 months! And they were actually quite easy to make. 

 I'm so happy they are finally hanging in the living room...

They match the curtains in the dining room across the foyer.

We are working on the foyer now... can't wait to show it to you!

You can read about my dining room by clicking HERE

The windows in the living room and dining room are tall and close together and I didn't want to have a lot of curtain fabric hanging on the walls or over the windows. 

A designer friend, suggested that the two windows be treated as one... and the third window be left untreated.

 Brilliant idea!

The curtains were hung to the height of the key in the arch of the window... and fall to the floor is soft fabric puddles.

The hardware to hang the curtains was a mish-mosh of on sale parts from 3 different stores. I painted them to match and the worked out well!

Matching hardware not on sale would have cost a fortune! I love a bargain, so I didn't mind painting them!


You can see the damask-like pattern on the linen curtains behind the lamp.

The two brass lamps on either side of the sofa are very near and dear to my heart! They came from Japan.

My dad was stationed on a remote base in Japan when I was a very little girl and he brought these beautiful solid brass lamps home with him. They are HEAVY!

When Bobby and I moved into our second home, my mother gave them to me.

They are one of my most cherished possessions!

The room is finally coming together. We started totally redoing this room by putting the hardwood floors in. I think that was 11 month ago!

If you are a StoneGable reader you know that Bobby and I do all the work ourselves... so we are S-L-O-W!

All of the seasonal decorations in this room were removed and are sitting in the study. Tomorrow StoneGable is being photographed for a magazine!


I'm still looking for a big french hutch for the wall by the french doors... and I need to paint the grandfather clock.  

Then I will ALMOST be done! I'm also looking for a couple of small pictures, baskets and some extra embellishments for the tabletops.

But is a room EVER really done?

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